Monday, January 9, 2012

forest prancing.

This is rare, I never do moodboards. I've been feeling really mori girl lately. I went to the flea market on Saturday thinking I wouldn't find anything I wanted, but I got pretty lucky.

There weren't a lot of vendors out, most likely because they were predicting to have rain in January. Around a quarter to a third of the vendors weren't there, but I ended up a lot more things to buy than I usually do.
In total, I bought a sweater,a skirt, a fake fur stole, two scarves, a capelet, a lace thing, socks, and a perfume bottle. And nothing over $10. I missed the flea market back at home so much; Brooklyn flea is much smaller and pricier.
Some closeups of the socks I bought.
The fur one was $5! The other two were a little more expensive.
This Odette Barsa lace bed jacket is one of my happiest buys! It's the prettiest color and the details are so lovely (look that the bow lace overlay!!) and best of all, it was affordable, at $5.

I wanted to get pictures of the sweater and the skirt by themselves too, but I couldn't get any good ones so I think I'll do some outfit snaps for them sometime instead.

A recent scan of a sketch I drew
Interestingly, the capelet in the left picture is somewhat similar to the bed jacket I found at the flea market, but I drew the sketch much earlier. I did get pretty lucky this time around.

Love, Kaia


Catherine said...

I love your little pink lace bed jacket! It's so cute!

Anonymous said...

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Iris said...

Wow! You really got good luck! I love all your new clothes but my favorite is the lace jacket. The lace is super pretty and I love all cute details on it:). Your sketch is lovely and you are so talented!
Have a lovely day, Iris (

kate cait sith said...

Love Mori girl style. I've been follow that vibe too, have you ever sewn or knit with organic/hemp fabric and knits? I have been recently. There are some AWESOME handspun knit companies online and a fair share of fair-trade organic fabric retailers too. I've been ordering from and using a bunch with great results.
Happy New Year!

coldrooms said...

That lace jacket is lovely! Cute socks :3

KASSIDY said...

I've always wanted to try mori girl style! Never felt I had the right items for it though~ I need to find a flea market around my home. I know we have them, I've just never been to one!

Marlena said...

OHMYGOD! This is the best thrift (er, flea?) haul I've seen in a while. That bed jacket is SO PERFECT. *0* And the fur collar for $5 was a crazy good find. I'm a tad jealous! ;)

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