Thursday, September 30, 2010

poetry isn't really my thing.

Today's homework assignment for literature: write a poem relating an idea or emotion to all five senses and a color. It's not really a hard assignment, but I've been sitting here for the past hour or two thinking of ideas. Not really working out for me. Every time I think to hard, I find myself on twitter or facebook or something of the kind.

I actually used to be really good at poetry, back in sixth grade. During poetry unit, I wrote pretty deep. About human emotions, on love, desire, helplessness, depression. Not what the typical sixth grader wrote about. I had 6's on all of those poems, and got called up to my teacher, because she was worried about me, asking if everything I wrote about related to me.

I can't say my poetical ability has developed since. Kind of in a rut here. I suppose if I'm not feeling it, I can't write about it. Maybe that's it.

dress: in Japan, scarf: F21

parasol: Victorian Maiden

Tomorrow is the start of October. Time is going fast. Actually, I take that back. I'm just wasting too much time. I can't even finish my goshdarn poem without blogging first. Now back to work.

I need a haircut.

Love, Kai

Monday, September 27, 2010

getting a package in the mail is so exciting.

I love the feeling of getting my packages after all the waiting. I like being able to buy things right away in stores, but the feeling of receiving a package is much more exciting! It makes up for all the time I spend stressing about when it'll arrive.

I got two packages today! And a magazine, but I didn't realize until later on, so that's not in the picture. The mustache is for privacy. But it does make the package look spiffy.
The mustache one is an order from Play-Asia, for that new Hotel Dusk game. The first game was really interesting. I'm not particularly big on games, but I can't turn down a good visual novel game. And this one is a really good one.

The box is a skirt I bought from a girl in Germany.
Here's a picture of the skirt, courtesy of kkastic, until I take my own picture.
I didn't think it looked particularly short in the picture. Without all the netting, it really does feel short. As soon as I tried it on, I figured that I'd need to buy another skirt to wear underneath. A black petticoat might be nice.
Forgive my lack of outfit. I just wanted to try the skirt on. I'd like to buy some black boots to go with it. Actually, I'd just like some nice boots in general. Maybe a pair of lace ups like Docs, and a pair of distressed engineer boots. Boots!
I hecka like that netting. The skirt is made of a few layers, so there's a bit of a poof. I certainly do like my poofs.

Here's with another skirt underneath. Is that overkill? I don't know, maybe. I need to get another skirt to go underneath it, anyway.

Side note, I have an invisible bruise near my right knee. It bothers me because it's there but I can't see it, and I keep pressing on it accidentally. Ow.

Gosh, it's late. I'm going to sleep late today. Debating whether or not to start Hotel Dusk. Might not be a good idea, since I'll have a hard time putting it down once I start. I just know it.

Love, Kai

Saturday, September 25, 2010

edward sparkles under the sun while I spotch under the sun.

I don't do well in warm temperatures and sunny weather. I get a bit lightheaded and nauseous. My skin starts breaking out and I get splotchy red rashes. Not fun.

Today is the citywide garagesale, so I woke up around 7 to go scrounge garage sales. I left the house around 8 and came back at 1 or 2. I didn't get a terribly exciting haul this year, but picked up some nice things.

Actually, the thing that got me most excited was when I was flipping through a box of old comic books. I think there were some DC comics, and some Dragon Ball. And then I flipped out when I saw that they had old issues of Pokemon Adventures, which was one of my favorites as a kid. I could never get my hands on them because they seemed to go out of print everywhere I went.
Here's everything I got today, minus this faux fur handbag my mom's friend gave me, and a little perfume bottle. I forgot about those. I got the frame for only a dollar, Pokemon comics for $0.10 an issue (score!), a glass globe and doily for $0.50 each, vintage kitten heels for $1, and a muumuu for $1.50.
This one's for my collection. I bought it from the lady who inspired me to start my collection. I bought a number of bottles from her at last year's garage sale, and as I was paying her, she said something in the lines of "now all you need is a nice tray and you can start a collection!" And I kind of laughed it off, like 'haha that's a good idea, but naah.' And I don't know for sure what happened after that. I think I tried looking up the value of the bottles I got on websites, and saw the most amazing vintage Avon bottles. And from there, my collection started.
Here's most of my collection. Vintage Avon come in these amazing shapes. I have one that's a mirror, the Capitol, owls, clocks, phones, carriages, all kinds of things. I love buying useless things, just because they're pretty. I buy teacups because of how pretty they are. I'm not too big on tea itself. I buy old books for their beauty. I don't dare to read them because I feel like they'll fall apart at any second. My Wordsworth book is from the 1800s. I wouldn't want the cover to fall off. Plus, poems aren't quite my thing.

Here's that globe I bought. It doesn't have any use, but I think it looks kind of cool, so I I bought it anyway. I don't have any room in my room because I keep buying small things like this.

I bought this dress from the old lady with the perfume bottle. I love flowy clothes. The thing that's bugging me is the fact that the bib part camouflages with the color of my skin. Hnnggg. It's really nice lace detail up close though. I don't get a chance to wear these shoes that often. Mostly because they're three inch, and I try not to wear anything high heeled to school. They were originally $40 at the store, and I thought that was a bit over my budget so I waited and waited until they were on sale for $30, and got 30% off, and then used a coupon, so technically I bought them for $10. Stackin' those deals together is my thing.

My hair is getting kind of high maintenance. Haircut? Hmmm.

My goal today was really to get a new bookshelf, but I didn't find one that I wanted. Sad. I really do have too many magazines. I don't throw out my old ones too often, and I keep subscribing and buying more.
I bought one yesterday too. I can't resist buying magazines every month, because if I don't, then I can't but that issue the next month and I start kicking myself if I don't have it. I got a blind box for Gloomy yesterday. It's a red one, which is alright. I want a Kumakikai one though. Maybe I'll buy another box the next time I'm at Kino.

Being in the heat today drained all my energy. I think I'll go brush my teeth and take a nap.

Love, Kai

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I wore white while painting again.

I can't believe myself sometimes. Why can't I learn the first time? I got paint on my white skirt today. I'd be alright with it if I accidentally got white paint on my white skirt, but I got brown paint on my white skirt. It looks like crap. This is my attempt to hide it /covers stain
skirt: thrifted . scarf: F21

It's oil paint. Any clues on how to remove oil paint stains from clothing? I'm searching the web for help right now. On an off note, long skirts tend to make me look short. Not that I'm not short. But.

I'm excited for Saturday! It's the citywide garage sale in my city this weekend. I need a new bookshelf pretty badly. On the ground, I have two stacks of magazines because I'm out of room on my shelf. My room looks really messy today. Maybe I'll do some cleaning.
I'm tired. I went to sleep at 12 yesterday because I was working on my essay. Maybe I'll go take a nap and clean my skirt later.

Love, Kai

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I thought today was thursday.

I'm not the only one who does that, am I? My internal calendar seems to be set a day ahead. And then I realized that I still have two more days to go until the weekend. Ohohoh no. I need to work on my essay. I don't like formal writing. Proving my point, and all of that. I don't like the fact that I can't write the way that I talk. That I can't say "good" when I feel like saying "good."
scarf: thrift . tights: free! bag: thrift

I wanted to wear my yearbook shirt today because it's block schedule today, so I only had to go to 6th period, which is yearbook. And then I ended up wearing a scarf that covers up the shirt design. Woops.

I've been on a spending spree recently. I haven't actually spent all that much, but I'm in the zone in which I let myself buy as much as I want. I could see something online and automatically go I'm buying this! without thinking it too much through. Which isn't really a bad thing, once in a while. I'm real frugal when I'm in my frugal zone. It's like, if I have $100, I want to keep that hundred nice and even. Suppose I have a candy craving and spend $2 from that $100 I have. Since it's not nice and even anymore, I don't mind spending the rest of that $98 as much.

I seem to be misplacing a lot of things lately. I can't find my favorite bandanna. My teacher even asked "why aren't you wearing punk or rock or whatever anymore?" Because I can't find my bandanna. Or my measuring tape! I need my measuring tape to live. Or buy things online.

Oh measuring tape and bandanna, please come back soon!

Love, Kai

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

remind me not to wear white while painting.

I doesn't help that people were spattering their dark blue paints either. I had to wear my limited edition New People x Gloomy Bear shirt today because I was so excited to get it. Not considering any consequences. I'm not used to having art class, since I've never taken them at school in the past. Woops. I didn't actually get paint on my shirt, I don't think. But the constant fear is almost as bad.

shirt: New People . pants: Taiwan . jacket: thrift

I joke that my jacket thing is a jacket-blazer baby, because I couldn't tell if it was a blazer when I wore it. It was in the blazer section. If you've read my entries before, you might already know that I'm not a fan of pants. I make an exception for harem pants. I LOVE LOVE LOVE harem pants to death! More than skirts!-er well, maybe. I should have looked for some affordable floral print harem pants while I had the chance.

My hair is growing out, and I've been thinking every day, all the time, whether I should cut it again or grow it out. I love short hair, and I love long hair. I just don't like what's in between all that much. There's also the thing with hair stylists. I haven't found a perfect stylist for me, and worry every time I cut my hair. I always worry that I wont like it, and if I cut it too short, then I can't just go and get another hair cut and hope for the second one to be better. I often get two haircuts back to back at different salons.

I'm in the mood for some shopping.
I want to go back to San Francisco!

Love, Kai

Sunday, September 19, 2010

looks like the crashing is happening now

I think my excitement yesterday was keeping me awake. I think around 3pm, I started crashing. My mom was trying to say that she wants to take me shopping, but I kind of just wanted to stay home and sit around. WANTING TO TURN DOWN A SHOPPING PROPOSAL? That's how tired I am. I went anyway.

So what was I so excited about? Yesterday was the JPop Summit Festival in San Francisco's Japantown. Right now, it's going down as the second best day of my life. First would have to be my weekend filled with events with my favorite band, LM.C. Which also happened this year. 2010 is an exciting year. So this is what I wore to the festival.
Luckily, my hair was behaving a little bit better, after that bad hair week. I hadn't completely planned out what I wanted to do at the festival, but it went without saying that I had to be there early to buy a t-shirt so I could get into the autograph signing for Mori Chack. I spent all of Friday making stickers for him.
The bottom three are my characters (actually that last one is me). I was really happy because I spotted him before the Q&A panel, and got to go to him and hand it to him directly. I was kind of sort of freaking out. After I gave it to him, I asked for a picture, which he agreed to. And just that moment, the announcer for the panel started to talk (and then I get kicked out and he tells me to find him later). Thank you, life. I should have approached him earlier.

I'm going to backtrack a little bit. I arrived at the building along with Tiffany and Olivia at around 10 or 10:30 or so. Baby the Stars Shine Bright was having a lucky pack sale, but I was told that they didn't have enough to get to me. So wasn't able to get one. This was the line.
It's hard to tell in the picture, but there were quite a few people in line. This is the first floor, and the line is going out the door. The line starts on the 2nd floor, and squirms down the stairs to the main floor, and then coves the main floor, down the stairs to where this picture was taken. So that's why I didn't get a lucky pack.

I was stressing because I'd been lining up for the Gloomy Bear t shirts, and I was lining up here too. So I had to run back and forth and have people hold my place in line. I didn't get the pack, but at least I got my t-shirt. Here it is!
The text on the shirt says "New People," the name of the building. I was afraid that I wouldn't like the shirt, but I'm glad to say that I do quite like it. I took a really long time to choose a size, because there were so many sizes. There were both mens/unisex shirts and women's sizes. But the women's sizes looked really small, so I was afraid to get one. I bought a men's small, it it fits pretty well, luckily.

I met a ton of coolkids yesterday, but I was a mix of too lazy to get my camera out and too shy to ask people for pictures. I did manage to get a picture with Yuka though. She's the shop girl for 6% Dokidoki
I bought two bow clips there. The clips were only about five bucks last year, but because of how bad the dollar is doing, the prices raised to a surprisingly inflated sum of $8. Three dollar difference! But I bought them anyway.

On the second floor, I spent maybe half my life shopping at Black Peace Now. There's so many things I wanted to try, but I was too lazy to try them on because my outfit takes 5 minutes to take off and 5 minutes to put on. It's a hassle, really. I could have worn jeans and a t shirt, but no. I ended up buying this glittery black tank, and promised myself that I'd go back to buy this dress I wanted. WHICH I REALLY WAS GOING TO DO. But I ran out of time and my dad convinced me that we really needed to go. I can't go back for it because they're supposedly getting rid of it today. At least that's what the shop guy said.

MORI CHACK MORI CHACK! The only reason I can't fangirl over this guy is because he's 20 years older than me and that makes him over twice as old as I am. Yeah. Pitty. He says he's not into fashion, but I feel like he always dresses well. Man blazer! He was wearing metallic silver shoes too. I got a number of pictures at the panel, since I was standing right in front of him. My mom was also taking pictures, apparently. Here's one of the back of my head. And Tiff's, on the left.
Fun! Now you know what the back of my head looks like. Or I do. I don't usually look at the back of my head, so I can't really say I knew what it looks like.

That girl next to me is a coolkid. She was wearing a Podolly dress.

There weren't really any particularly interesting questions asked. Mostly stuff that Gloomy Bear fans probably already knew. After the Q&A, we went strolling around the vendors to see what they have. There were so many shops that I didn't get to look at, because I have a habit of staying one place for a long time. I should have speed shopped- I didn't know my time was so limited. There's one regret.

The autograph signing with Mori Chack was supposed to start at 2:00, which was when I got there. I hadn't been anticipating a long line. But that was exactly what happened. More linnessss. Tiff and Olivia and I waited for a good 2 hours in line. It took a long time because each person in line had the opportunity to chat with Mori Chack a little bit and get their t-shirt or whatever else they brought in not only signed, but drawn on. He drew Gloomy on everything he signed, and personalized it by asking for each individual's name.

My turn, finally!
I was afraid he wouldn't take me up on my offer, but he did. I asked him to draw me my original character, Connor. I had a reference picture on my phone (which was drawn by Jeff Thomas, also known as Azuzephre, creator of Pon and Zi).
Progress, progress!
Here's us with the autograph! The pen that he was using was drying out by the time he got to me, but it turned out well. He remembered me from before, and brought out the stickers that I made!He wrote "dear Kaiami" on the picture. I love how easygoing the staff was. There was this poster hanging on the table cloth that I wanted, and they let me keep it when I asked for it. Score!

Yeah, so that was my second best day ever. It wasn't enough time. Too short! I didn't finish shopping. Not even close. And we spent about half the time we were there standing in some kind of line.

There was an ice cream party with Mori Chack today, but I couldn't attend. One, because it costs $65 for a pass in. Second, because I went to SF yesterday, and I have no transportation there again because my father refuses to take me again (I don't drive, so I can't even drive myself to the train station). I hope Mori Chack will visit us in California again. One day's not enough. He really is a genuinely nice guy.

Oh yeah. I also missed the vintage expo in San Francisco today.
Crap crap crap crap. I was looking forward to going to the vintage expo since this spring. And then I miss it. At least I got next year. Looking forward to that!

It's time to pack my backpack for tomorrow. School again. Fun stuff. Fun. Stuff.

Love, Kai

Monday, September 13, 2010

if I told you what I wanted for my birthday, it wouldn't make a difference.

When my birthday is coming up, my mom would often times ask what I want. It's really a broad question, so I don't usually answer anything specific. If I did say something specific, the chances of getting it are probably zero.

photos from Neiman Marcus

Mcqueen silk scarf that I've wanted forever. No way am I getting this for my birthday if I asked for it. The one on the top is $475, the one on the bottom is $260. My little brother said he would buy it for me once he's a billionaire. My dad, on the other hand, wouldn't buy anything unnecessary no matter what. He buys pants for $20 when they're having a sale on an sale, and then an extra coupon -and then wears them for 15 years.

Actually, I'd just be happy if I get a happy birthday from everyone. My mom tends to forget often, and my dad isn't really a birthday person (except he takes us out for lunch, and the birthday person gets to choose where to go).

I'll buy myself that Butter London nail polish for myself for my birthday. I buy so many things for myself on my birthday. Haha I need a reason to spoil myself. There goes my money.

I'm having another bad hair day. I ran out of time while washing my hair today, and I feel like there was shampoo left in my hair. It feels terrible. I think I'll go take another shower.

Wait, let me go off on a tangent first. There was an Alexander Mcqueen store in an upscale department store in Taiwan with the most mindblowing prices. There was a pair of clogs that were labeled around $200, which doesn't make much sense, because I can't imagine Mcqueen shoes being $200 new, ever. I think the scarves were a bit cheaper, but around the same price as the shoes. So confused. I kind of wish I bought something. Maybe I'll bring something back next year. Ok, now off I go.

Love, Kai

Sunday, September 12, 2010

baby, I was born this way.

VMAs! I'm going to go to sleep late just because I spent too much time watching the VMAs and I couldn't tell that it ended when it ended, so I was watching whatever they were playing afterwards and thought that it was still going on. Augh.

Gaga made my day. You made me proud, Mama Monster. I was really hoping she wouldn't wear the meat dress though. I loved that she wore Mcqueen and Armani. And new album! Now I'm stoked.

I was having a bad hair day today. It was in a shape that I didn't really like when I woke up, and the thing with my hair is that once it's in a shape, it's hard to change it back until I shampoo it again.
sweater: thrifted
vintage mini polkadot shorts: thrifted

I was afraid I wouldn't be able to go thrifting today because my family and I were at Costco when we saw that we had a flat tire. It was the weirdest thing. We called AAA and they put on the backup tire for us. Our popped tire had a huge nail dug inside it. It's not easy to get a tire popped by a nail, because the nail has to be in a specific angle for it to dig in. So. I don't get it.

I remember there was this one spread in Marie Claire (I think it was, at least. It could have been Bazaar) about sweaters and shorts. So I kind of wanted a sweater to go with my shorts. I also bought a rose knit cardigan and some kind of maxi skirt that I'm going to try to make into a dress.

It's over an hour past my bed time. I'm sleepy. Good night!

Love, Kai

Saturday, September 11, 2010

when I'm feeling down, I pretend to be a candy pop princess

I wasn't in the best of moods today. I hadn't been able to blog yesterday because I was studying for the ACTs. I couldn't blog for a while today because I was busy taking the ACTs. I don't think I did all too well. I guess I'll see, but I'm already signing up for the November test. I have SATs next month too.

When I got back, I really just wanted to go thrifting. Or furniture shopping. But as soon as I get home, my dad falls asleep and my mom claims to be too busy to take me anywhere. I wish there'd be a thrift shop closer to home. Somewhere I could walk to when I felt like it. The closest Goodwill is about two and a half miles away, which isn't so bad, but takes a good hour or so to walk to. All the other stores are much farther than the mall.

To cheer myself up, I gave myself a two hour in home bath spa and dressed up. I wish I could dress up in new clothes, but I haven't gotten any in a while. Maybe if I'm lucky, I can go thrifting tomorrow.

dress: Metamorphose
shoes: Angelic Pretty
bag: Forever21, gift from Teena

This one is one of my favorite out of all my dresses, just because it has a built in petticoat so it's flouncy without me having to do anything. Does it bother you that my feet are pointing in? Because it bothers me. I need to learn to fix that.

Life is so stressful! I signed up to interview my brother for a project I'm working on for literature, but my brother isn't coming home this week and the project is due next week. And whenever I call him, he just says he's too busy or doesn't pick up.

Love, Kai

Thursday, September 9, 2010

if only mulberry bags grew on mulberry trees.

I've been waiting for this. The pictures of the Mulberry bags for Target! Sure, I saw the ones on Gilt, but I was hoping for more. And there are more!

picture scanned from Marie Claire October 2010

If I could afford an Alexa, I would get one. Actually scratch that. Let me rephrase. If the Alexa bag were about 90% cheaper, I'd get one. That makes it about the price of my Juicy Couture bag. Oh gosh. But! Since Mulberry bags aren't the price of a Juicy bag, I've been looking forward to the sale of Mulberry bags for Target. In all honesty, I was hoping they'd look a little better than that. Just a bit. The materials of Converse bags at Target look nicer than that. But since they're not out yet and I haven't gotten my hands on one, I can't say for sure.

The pink leopard ones look sort of cheap. Betsey Johnson could do much better than that. She has some lovely pink leopard bags. The blue fabric ones (that's not real denim, is it?) look alright, but not my taste. I think I'll go with the black ones. Hopefully there wont be too many people charging in on the 10th. I was preparing myself for a stampede when Anna Sui for Target was out, but I was the only one there at 8:00am the day of release. I saw a couple pieces I liked, but it was still out of my price range (even at Target! Silly, I know). I'm definitely buying a Mulberry Target bag this time, though. It's a late birthday present to myself. I buy myself presents every year, because my mother tends to forget.

She was pushing me to go to my junior prom, which I refused to go to. She kept insisting that I needed to go because it's an American tradition for girls or something. But then I told her that sweet sixteens were pretty common too, and she forgot my birthday that year. So she gave me a sweet sixteenth birthday present earlier this year. It was a sweet little pink quilted handbag from Aldo.

Picnik wasn't working today, so I had to go around to the other computer to upload photos and use Photoshop instead. I'd like to get Photoshop on my own computer. It's such a hassle without it.
short dress: forever 21
long dress: Emily Temple Cute
cardigan: Banana Republic, thrifted

Sorry, this looks a bit blurry if you don't click on it. I'll try fixing it later, maybe. Today's outfit. I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I don't like pants very much. Oh and also, I'm wearing two separate dresses here. I like dresses a lot. I wouldn't be wearing two of them in the same outfit otherwise. Actually the real reason is that the long dress looks sort of awkward by itself. On me, at least. Maybe I'll wear it sometime because it's hard to explain.

I usually like to end with something about me going off to do homework, but I don't really have homework today. I pretty much finished it all at school. The sad thing is, I think I spend more time on my blog or looking at blogs than on my homework. That's the only downside of having my own computer.

Love, Kai

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

when the fence breaks, it would be courteous to tell your neighbor.

Scared the hell out of me. I arrived home from school and walked into my room. And just when I was going to start changing, I see two middle aged men in my backyard, which is connected to my room. And my window was open. So my initial reaction was BURGLARS. Wouldn't you think so too? Then I saw that the fence that connected my backyard and the backyard of the family a block away on the other side was broken.

Yeah, thanks for telling us before you calling in workers to fix the fence while I change. Thanks. A. Lot. I'm just going to move on now.

I wore this outfit today. I haven't gotten much of a chance to wear long sleeves, because it's not fall yet (almost!), so I wore my favorite sweater today. I got it for $12 at the flea market. It was tagged as $15, but I asked the lady real nicely if I could get it for twelve. They usually slash a couple dollars for me because I look kind of small. I get a lot of "aw ok honey. Because you look like you really want it." or "oh sweetie, is that all the money you have left? Of course you can!" or "where are your parents?" I still eat from the kids menu sometimes. Guess my age if you'd like. It feels kind of like cashmere, but I don't think it can be. It came with a tag that read "Neiman Marcus." Real funny. It was also kind of falling of, so I took it off.

turtleneck: thrifted
leggings: Aritzia
wedges: famous footwear

I was deciding between wedges and boots for today. For some reason, I really like brown shoes. I can't get enough of them. My copy of Marie Claire came in today (which I love, especially at the price. $5 for a whole year!) and I found another pair of brown engineer boots that I would love to have.
I went with boots. I love floral prints. Sorry, maybe that was obvious. I wore my charms necklace today. I wear it pretty often, and it drives my mom crazy. She asks me sometimes "why are you wearing so many necklaces?" I always have to explain that it's only one. Then she says "too flashy."

Love, Kai

I got these colors on the tip of my fingers.

Strange, it's cloudy today. It's usually sunny by this time of the day, but it's cloudy. I have trouble waking up when it's cloudy. That makes it difficult for me to find ideal lighting for my pictures.

I've been really into nail polish recently -or. Well. Not really
recently, but I've been wanting to buy colors that I haven't tried before, more than before.

On the top of my list is this one below.

courtesy of temptalia
First up is All Hail Mcqueen from Butter London. $14. I usually don't like to spend more than OPI-price on nail polish, but I think I can splurge just a bit on this one. Now I just need to find somewhere that sells it in stores. Nordstrom didn't have it when I visited next week. Or at least I didn't find it.
The reason I like this one might be obvious. It was the color that Lady Gaga wore on the cover of Vanity Fair's September issue. I'm such a Gagawhore. $16 on this one.

Right now, I'm wearing "Savvy" nail lacquer in French Cafe. It's a relatively cheap brand that can be bought at Sally Beauty, but I quite like it. I'm a sucker for nude colors. They make me feel safe. My parents hate nail polish, and get kind of angry when they see me using it. So I think I've become accustomed to buying nude polishes. The majority of polishes I have look like they're the same color. Which isn't a good thing. But. You know.

Two coats does the job, but I can still sort of see my nail. So three coats is ideal. Here's another fun fact. I love almond shaped nails. Squared nails are fine too, but not on me. I remember getting a lot of comments in my freshman year about squaring my nails, so I did. I didn't like it.

These are my favorite polishes from my color rack. From left to right. My absolute favorite bottle. Jill Stuart in Honey Peach. My sparkliest, Anna Sui 301. This one is scented when you wear it. My most expensive, Chanel in Inattendu. I'm completely regretting choosing this one over Particuliere. Taupe is fascinating. I chose this one because I thought it'd be "safer." Guh. I already have too many safe colors. Like the two bottles of Essie on the right. I love Essie, I really do. The pinkish one is Hi Maintenance, and the peachy one is Nude Attitude. They're also the cheapest from my favorites. Hi Maintenance was about $5 and Nude Attitude was around $4.

It might be a good idea to work on some homework now, or practice ACT. Gotta crack that book open at least once before the test.

Love, Kai