Wednesday, September 8, 2010

when the fence breaks, it would be courteous to tell your neighbor.

Scared the hell out of me. I arrived home from school and walked into my room. And just when I was going to start changing, I see two middle aged men in my backyard, which is connected to my room. And my window was open. So my initial reaction was BURGLARS. Wouldn't you think so too? Then I saw that the fence that connected my backyard and the backyard of the family a block away on the other side was broken.

Yeah, thanks for telling us before you calling in workers to fix the fence while I change. Thanks. A. Lot. I'm just going to move on now.

I wore this outfit today. I haven't gotten much of a chance to wear long sleeves, because it's not fall yet (almost!), so I wore my favorite sweater today. I got it for $12 at the flea market. It was tagged as $15, but I asked the lady real nicely if I could get it for twelve. They usually slash a couple dollars for me because I look kind of small. I get a lot of "aw ok honey. Because you look like you really want it." or "oh sweetie, is that all the money you have left? Of course you can!" or "where are your parents?" I still eat from the kids menu sometimes. Guess my age if you'd like. It feels kind of like cashmere, but I don't think it can be. It came with a tag that read "Neiman Marcus." Real funny. It was also kind of falling of, so I took it off.

turtleneck: thrifted
leggings: Aritzia
wedges: famous footwear

I was deciding between wedges and boots for today. For some reason, I really like brown shoes. I can't get enough of them. My copy of Marie Claire came in today (which I love, especially at the price. $5 for a whole year!) and I found another pair of brown engineer boots that I would love to have.
I went with boots. I love floral prints. Sorry, maybe that was obvious. I wore my charms necklace today. I wear it pretty often, and it drives my mom crazy. She asks me sometimes "why are you wearing so many necklaces?" I always have to explain that it's only one. Then she says "too flashy."

Love, Kai


Grace Lee said...

I looveee your sweater. A lot. :)
Which flea market do you go to? The one at De Anza has tons of great books and dvds but not much other stuff that I like :|

Kaiami said...

That one's from De Anza :D I usually go every month, unless I'm tight on cash (that would be this month) or there's something going on that day (like SATs). I'm there for the antiques and used clothes

Anonymous said...

I love your parents (after hearing the nail polish and necklace stories) so much. As for your age, I guess 16-17. People think I am 12-15 all the time. I am twenty. People say I will appreciate my young looks when I am older, but I like them now. Many advantages. Your flea market story proves it!

Kaiami said...

Haha you're most likely going to be hearing more about them in the future. Spot on! I'm 17, 18 next month, so I'm a bit on the older side in my grade. I've been told that I don't age much. I looked older for my age when I was younger, but that stopped at some point.

Tiffany Liang said...

I saw the blog title change. Smooth. ;D

Kaiami said...

Haha Tiff. Nice catch. I need to catch myself occasionally.

High Fashion Whore said...

I love your sense of dress and I love your haircut. Very sharp, very funky. You kind of remind me of the oriental version of Tavi.


Kaiami said...

Nesha, thanks a bunch! Gosh, that's the best compliment that I've gotten in a while.

SimuĊĦa said...

got nice legins! i´m looking for some like urs

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