Thursday, September 23, 2010

I wore white while painting again.

I can't believe myself sometimes. Why can't I learn the first time? I got paint on my white skirt today. I'd be alright with it if I accidentally got white paint on my white skirt, but I got brown paint on my white skirt. It looks like crap. This is my attempt to hide it /covers stain
skirt: thrifted . scarf: F21

It's oil paint. Any clues on how to remove oil paint stains from clothing? I'm searching the web for help right now. On an off note, long skirts tend to make me look short. Not that I'm not short. But.

I'm excited for Saturday! It's the citywide garage sale in my city this weekend. I need a new bookshelf pretty badly. On the ground, I have two stacks of magazines because I'm out of room on my shelf. My room looks really messy today. Maybe I'll do some cleaning.
I'm tired. I went to sleep at 12 yesterday because I was working on my essay. Maybe I'll go take a nap and clean my skirt later.

Love, Kai


Anonymous said...

I was thinking of cleaning my room today and then I went on blogger.

As for your oil paint incident, it's washable. Put it into your laundry pile and turn on whatever cycle you wash your clothes with. But it depends on the material ... if it's like velvet or silk it might need something other than washing.

I wish you good luck on your oil paint elimination.

Sofia said...

очень красивые платья!))

Kaiami said...

Rhofy: I'm going to try my best with cleaning it. Thank you~

Sofia: Thank you!❤

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