Monday, April 30, 2012

black and orange are halloween colors.

Quick outfit post from last wednesday. Trying to find time to edit those fashion show pictures. Last weekend was busy. This week is busy because it's finals week. This weekend will be busy. And then more finals on monday. Busy week. Hanging in there.
zebra t shirt from supermarket in Taiwan, black flowy sleeveless shirt from street stall in Taiwan, skirt from J Daheck Taiwan, tights from socks and underwear store in Taiwan, Jeffrey Campbell 99 ties from David Z
Neck to toe black. Again. On wednesday I had an in class project final for textiles. Our objective was to create a garment or accessory in the duration of 2 hours using at least one biodegradable material, one non biodegradable material, and one recyclable.
I made a dress. The second part of my textiles final is the knitting project but I finished that weeks ago so I'm not worried. I am worried about a lot of other finals, particularly my patternmaking final. So! Nervous! I don't know if I have enough fabric!! I bought three yards, I think. I don't think that's enough for my dress. I went back to buy more but the store was out of my color. Oh god improv time. Love, Kaia

Thursday, April 26, 2012

wu hoo!

Getting items on my wishlist, especially items that have been on my wishlist for a long time, feels really accomplishing. Does anyone remember the Jason Wu for CND nail polish collected that I was dying for last spring? The one that I didn't buy because it was $47 and I couldn't break the bank for it? The one that was over $50 after shipping? I have it now.
On a whim, I decided to check it up to see if it was still for sale and surprise! It's 70% off! My lucky day. I snatched that baby up before you can count to three(hundred). It's $15 currently, plus $5 for shipping. Not bad, not bad at all.
In addition, it comes with a bottle of free nail replenishing oil. Gee, what a deal. I bought my set on Goindulge. I'm pretty sure they're still available. The colors are my kind of colors. Sophia is the mushroom taupe that I've thought of buying several times from Chanel and Nars, which were both over my budget. Bridgette(dusty rose) is darker than my skin tone, which was surprising. I thought it'd be about the same tone. Regardless, it's quite pretty. I didn't think I would like Miss Wu(light grey) because I thought it'd be too light for my liking, but it turned out to be my favorite out of them all. It's the only matte nail polish I've ever owned, which is...different. I'm not sure if I like that. But there's always topcoat. Veronica is probably the only color I wouldn't wear, but you know. Never say never. It's quite pretty, just not suitable on me.
But that's not it for the Jason Wu wishlist! I talked myself out of going to the Jason Wu for Target collection because I didn't want to spend any more money. But the more pictures I saw, the more I regretted not going. In March I checked the stock and there were a couple size 6's available within traveling distance from me (one in Harlem, one in Elmhurst). It's not hard getting around New York, but it takes a lot of time and time I did not have so I opted to order the size 8 that was available online and hope for the best. If it didn't fit, I could take it back and return it to a Target. It came and it fit! But not well, so I guess you could count that as not fitting. The waist was fine because it came with a belt, but the bust was really, really loose and did not look flattering at all, and this is supposed to be a flattering dress. I didn't take it back right away because I was hoping there would be someone with a smaller size that would be willing to trade with me. In early April, I joined a Jason Wu for Target facebook group and found a girl who was willing to sell me her size 4.
I am so happy with it. I think the 4 is a better fit than the 6. Tomorrow, I'm taking back the size 8 to Target, since I wont be needing that one anymore. Two Wu items obtained! The only Wu wishlist item left is the pair of Jason Wu x Melissa pink bow flats.
But I don't think I'll be buying these. I contemplated for a really long time in December when I saw that they were available in Saks, but I convinced myself no. On another note. The senior fashion show was today and I got pictures! I am not a photographer so my pictures are pretty terrible, but some pictures are better than no pictures, so I will hopefully have them up tomorrow or next week. Seeing the seniors present their work just makes me all the more excited about my own collection. Love, Kaia

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

be strong be pop.

It's been a while since I blogged about music! I still buy CDs sometimes? I've always really liked the idea of owning CDs, so when there is a music artist that I really like, I buy all the albums. I used to buy singles whenever my favorite artists release them, but I haven't in a while because singles are really expensive for the amount of content there is. LM.C came out with a new album that was released April 4th and I received my copy of it yesterday!
It took three weeks to arrive which is very normal, but I was anticipating for so long that I started to get really worried that it would be stuck in customs or lost. Back in California it took two weeks for Japanese imports to arrive, but three weeks to New York.
Huge box is huge! That's because I bought the t shirt edition (which is too expensive ohmygod). I bought first press which is supposed to come with a poster, which is why I preordered. But I preordered about 4 days before the release, which was too late and I didn't get a poster. More than bummed.
The shirt included is cute. It has an allover print in bright colors. It's a Japanese free size aka SMALL. It fits alright size wise, a little smaller than I would like, but the top is a bit tight if I have a bra on.
Ever since I started second semester in Construction Techniques II, a lot of things on clothes kind of bother me. I pay too much attention to how something fits and the seaming detail and hem finishes. The neckline of this shirt bothers me. It wasn't constructed with very much care, which I can understand as it is a promotional item. But even so, it was a pretty expensive promotional item.
I haven't talked about my hair yet. I will probably make a hair post soon. This was early yesterday, which was after the first bleach on Sunday. My hair is currently not this color. Tomorrow is the senior fashion show! There are 41 fashion seniors and the show cut down to 17 people presenting, and from what I've heard, all the ones presenting are all really strong. Non seniors are not allowed in the senior studios (I've been in twice to use specialty machines, though), so I haven't seen that many pieces. I'm excited! If I can I'll take pictures at the show, but I'm guessing I wont be able to grab a really good seat, as there will be a lot of people and I have class in the morning so I wont be able to make it to the city until a little later. Love, Kaia

Thursday, April 19, 2012

stress is just right around the corner.

Yesterday's outfit. It has been pretty good weather this whole week. A few days have been so warm that I wake up sweaty in the middle of the night. The air conditioner and heater are the same thing and sometimes it works as a heater and sometimes it works as an air conditioner but you can't choose between when what works, so sometimes I'd be using the air conditioner and all of a sudden it becomes really hot.
Today was something in between. Kind of warm but a little bit chilly at times. I kind of like it that way. Heat is not my friend.
I was watching an episode of a drama during my lunch break between classes. I like to multitask. When I finished my food, my episode wasn't over yet and I feel like I'm wasting time if I'm not doing at least two things at once so I did makeup while I finished the episode.
tops from Taiwan, jacket from Harputs Union, Vena Cava silk shorts from Aritzia, Doc Martens, Tiffany & Co scarf, gift.
There's only two weeks left of school; it's hard to believe that time has passed so quickly! Right now, I wish I had more time to do things I want and need to do. Like laundry and cleaning my room. And sewing clothes for myself and making stuffed animals and phone pouches. And drawing. And preparing for Fanime. All things that I can't do because I need to concentrate on getting my work done. Final projects have been assigned and I have a lot of things I need to be working on. Two essays due on monday, final dress and skirt for patternmaking, a collection for sketching and another collection for apparel presentation. A knit project and a recycling/upcyling in class final. Final tests. All fun things (minus the essays and tests) just not under stress and time constraints. Here's a few of the things I've been working on in the past week.
This is my sketching assignment that I turned in today. I based it on images I found of the ocean. We get a new assignment for sketching every week. The one before was a guys collection that I based off of pictures of the suburbs that I took from my phone.
For my current apparel presentation project, I am working of a collection based of flowers.
My teacher is kind of ehn about this collection from me because he thinks it is too predictable from me and wanted to see something else. I don't know what else I can do to change it; there's not much time left so I don't think there is much that I can do. There's currently 30 pieces, and I have to narrow down to 8-10 to finalize and present. Cutting down always seems to be the hardest part. Working hard. Love, Kaia

Thursday, April 12, 2012

bearing the work.

For my assignment in patternmaking, we were told to make a sleeve sewn on to a bodice.It's supposed to be half a bodice and just one sleeve but I don't like to make unfinished projects, especially with fabric because it seems like a waste to make something with all the time and effort and not to be able to wear it. So! I made my sleeve on a full bodice as a sweater so it could be worn.
Critiques were today. Critiques are always really intimidating, especially in patternmaking because sewing details are examined very closely and I am not good at sewing.
I did elbow patches out of some pink corduroy fabric that I had, and then attached bear claws to the elastic hem sleeves. The claws are sewn with white jersey knit and stuffed, sewn closed, and are attached to the sleeves with snap buttons so that they could be easily removed.
Back is a centered zipper for getting in and out of. Bottom has a lace trim hem, as I lace trim everything I make. I was nervous, but the critique went pretty well. My professor didn't go too harsh on criticism; she told me that I could have done better on the zipper, and that the elbow patches could have been...rounder. "Hey, I have to find something to critique on."

Probably the biggest downside to this sweater is that I got the fabric from our fabric supply room so it's not the best in the world. Wearing it for a little bit is ok, but it gets really itchy when I'm in it too long. Not the most comfortable.

Making clothes is rewarding, though. I'm really terrible at making dresses but for one of my finals I have to construct a dress. Hopefully that will go ok...

Love, Kaia

Friday, April 6, 2012

afternoon tea.

Last weekend I had a field trip up to the Frick Collection on 70th and Madison. I had arrived 20 minutes early, before the doors of the museum were open and didn't want to wait outside because it was raining so I looked around for a cafe where I could buy myself breakfast. Unfortunately, being on Madison didn't give me much of a selection (the only stores in the area were upscale designer boutiques)

There was a macaron display next to Juicy Couture and I had thought it was part of Juicy, but as I walked down I noticed that it was a different store altogether.
Laduree, how convenient. I'd been meaning to go for some time but never made a trip up. I don't frequent anywhere above midtown.
Most of my pictures I took outside because photos are prohibited (though I managed to sneak a few). There is a Hello Kitty collaboration going on that just started recently. Before that was Tsumori Chisato so I went in expecting Tsumori boxes, but it seems that those are all out.
I couldn't get over how pretty the whole store is. To the right of the entrance, there's a gift section with everything from stationery to bags to scarfs to umbrellas. There'd been a scarf that I would have loved, I quickly put it back from shock after seeing the $70 price tag.
The macarons themselves are pricier than most also. For one, it's $2.70. Which makes some sense considering the prestige of name and crafting in Paris. Paulette's (now known as lette's) was over a full dollar cheaper. There used to be one in San Francisco, but they closed down before I ever got to try one.

I decided to splurge and buy the prettiest box. Each box is different price despite being the same size. Buying in a box is more expensive than buying individually.
I went with one of the Hello Kitty boxes of eight. I felt like I as paying a fortune until the cashier swiped up the two people in front of me ($250 for several boxes and $53 for one box).
It's still a huge splurge. When I was on the train, I kept thinking how many pints of Haagen Dazs I could have bought with the money. A LOT, in fact, since the price of one pint on sale is the same as the price of a macaron.
Laduree macarons are something that I feel would be given as a wedding present.
Choosing the flavors I wanted was hard not only because there are a lot of flavors but because the only flavor I really like is chocolate. Because it was my first time there, I thought it'd be a waste for me to get a whole box of chocolate.
I bought: raspberry, coffee, almond, praline, blackcurrant, vanilla, cherry blossom, and chocolate. I took down notes of them all in my notebook so I would remember the taste of each next time. A few of them are much too sweet to be enjoyed without a cup of tea, and I have a sweet tooth (so that's saying something). I took them with English breakfast tea with no sugar and for a few of them, that balanced the taste out.
These are so expensive that I can't imagine I'll be going back anytime soon, but having them once is a good experience. One mission completed!

Love, Kaia

Sunday, April 1, 2012

i really want to make something right now.

A couple days ago I went buy fabric in Brooklyn. I like going to the garment district to get inspiration and look at all the fabrics, but once I set my eye on something and then see the price tag, it's a bit of a downer (and when I say a little I mean a lot). So it makes me really excited when I go buy discount fabrics at prices that I can actually afford.
In total, I bought 7 yards of mint tulle ($1 per yd!), 24 yards of white tulle ($1 per yd!), 5 yards of green plaid ($1 per yd!), 3 yards of light green cotton ($3 per yd!), and 3 yards of ash pink IDK synthetic something ($1 per yd!).
I had only meant to buy 10 yards of white tulle, but Emily said that I should just get the whole bolt and I was like why not because I thought it would be easier to just get the whole thing instead of having it all rolled out. But in the end the cutter still ended up rolling the whole thing out...
A few days ago I was just going to make my circle skirt pattern for my patternmaking class, but then I got really into it and ended up sewing the whole thing.
The lace was only $1 for 2 yards, so total the skirt only took about $3 to make! Pretty happy with the outcome. I've been wearing it all day.

I've been wanting to sew all day! I want to make dresses and skirts. But I should really be doing other homework instead.

Love, Kaia