Wednesday, April 25, 2012

be strong be pop.

It's been a while since I blogged about music! I still buy CDs sometimes? I've always really liked the idea of owning CDs, so when there is a music artist that I really like, I buy all the albums. I used to buy singles whenever my favorite artists release them, but I haven't in a while because singles are really expensive for the amount of content there is. LM.C came out with a new album that was released April 4th and I received my copy of it yesterday!
It took three weeks to arrive which is very normal, but I was anticipating for so long that I started to get really worried that it would be stuck in customs or lost. Back in California it took two weeks for Japanese imports to arrive, but three weeks to New York.
Huge box is huge! That's because I bought the t shirt edition (which is too expensive ohmygod). I bought first press which is supposed to come with a poster, which is why I preordered. But I preordered about 4 days before the release, which was too late and I didn't get a poster. More than bummed.
The shirt included is cute. It has an allover print in bright colors. It's a Japanese free size aka SMALL. It fits alright size wise, a little smaller than I would like, but the top is a bit tight if I have a bra on.
Ever since I started second semester in Construction Techniques II, a lot of things on clothes kind of bother me. I pay too much attention to how something fits and the seaming detail and hem finishes. The neckline of this shirt bothers me. It wasn't constructed with very much care, which I can understand as it is a promotional item. But even so, it was a pretty expensive promotional item.
I haven't talked about my hair yet. I will probably make a hair post soon. This was early yesterday, which was after the first bleach on Sunday. My hair is currently not this color. Tomorrow is the senior fashion show! There are 41 fashion seniors and the show cut down to 17 people presenting, and from what I've heard, all the ones presenting are all really strong. Non seniors are not allowed in the senior studios (I've been in twice to use specialty machines, though), so I haven't seen that many pieces. I'm excited! If I can I'll take pictures at the show, but I'm guessing I wont be able to grab a really good seat, as there will be a lot of people and I have class in the morning so I wont be able to make it to the city until a little later. Love, Kaia


Alianne Russell said...

Do mind me asking what school you go to? I've been interested and want to look into going to a school like yours.

Kaiami said...

Next post will probably give you a pretty good idea!

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