Wednesday, October 31, 2012

working backwards.

Happy Halloween! Today was the third day we had off from school due to hurricane days. The hurricane is over, but the reason we didn't have class today or yesterday was because of the damage of the storm. For the most part, the subway isn't running and getting from Brooklyn to Manhattan and vice versa isn't easy. My dorm was fortunate enough to not have our power go out and our school faced minimal damage. We got pretty lucky.
For Halloween, I went door to door for 15 floors with my roomies, knocking on everyone's door and handing out candy. Reverse trick or treating.
CC dressed as a woodlands girl. I dressed as a deer, and Ems is a character from Paradise Kiss. The original plan was for me to go as a butler. I tried out my hair and makeup yesterday, but getting my hair right takes a lot of time and effort so I didn't go through with it today.
On another note, this is the most silver my hair has been! It was an accident, actually. I first tried getting it silver in April, without too much success. I did another attempt last month, which turned out alright, but there was as much blond as there was silver. When I dyed my hair pink for my birthday, it faded within a week, but faded nicely into an even, ash blond. Because my roots were growing out I decided to re bleach them and then dye my hair brown with the ash dye that I had.

After I dyed it and washed it out, I was more than surprised to see that what I got wasn't brown, but after-toner, AKA a mix of yellow, violet, and silver. It was pretty astonishing. It looked like a bad mistake, and I went out that same day to buy a box of Clariol Natural Instincts hair dye in brown. I didn't want to dye my hair twice in a day so I decided to wait it out for a week. In the past week or so, the violets have faded and now I have the most even silver I've ever had. Probably the most successful mistake I've ever made. I'm someone who has always been terrified of having hair in a color too light.

Sometimes I surprise myself at how light my hair is. I think once the yellow starts taking over, I'm going to Kool-aid my hair and dye it brown once that starts to fade. Hair is fun.

It's November here already!! Happy November!!

Love, Kaia

Saturday, October 27, 2012

calm before the storm.

Super tired today. Yesterday was Comic Thong, which is my school's comic club's comic drawing marathon for the Fall 2012 comic submission deadline which is coming up next month. It went from 8pm to 8am, and I had been planning on going at 8pm and staying until maybe 12. I ended up going at 9:30 and stayed until 6:45. I think by that time I wasn't functioning anymore.
I took some work that I needed to get done first, and then thought about what I wanted to do for my comic after I finished my work. I was working on some children's designs for a scholarship opportunity.

I think I finished around 1:30 or 2, and started brainstorming ideas for my comic. Nothing I thought of seemed to work out, so for about two and a half hours I sat there thinking of what to do without getting anything down on actual paper. Once I started coming up with ideas, nothing I drew came out how I wanted it to and I ended up drawing silly comic strips about things I suck at.

 Love, Kaia

Sunday, October 7, 2012

our curiosities.

Yesterday Emri and I modeled for our roomie Nana's photo assignment. Here are some of my picks for the shoot. We all chose out our favorites so check out their blogs too for their favorite picks!
Under one of the trees, I got mauled twice with fruits from the tree. I still don't know what fruit it is. Looks kind of like apricot cherries. Either way, they hurt a lot more than they look.

Ems is playing Alyce while I'm Jackalope. We were given liberty in the way we dressed. Originally I had my hair tied in buns to look like rabbit ears but it came out looking more like a bear or a mouse, so I gave up and wore antlers instead. The shoot took maybe a couple hours. There was a chance of rain, but luckily there wasn't any rain while we were out. When we got back, Nana treated us to rootbeer floats.
Here's some group shots with our lovely photographer. Cutie roomies.

Love, Kaia

Saturday, October 6, 2012

the day of happy birth.

My birthday was on Friday, and to celebrate I invited my roommates to...hang out in our rooms to eat cake and pizza and watch movies.
I turned 20 this year! Time sure does fly. I dyed my hair mauve on Thursday and painted my nails to match.
h&m dress, thrifted cardigan and skirt, shoes and belt from Taiwan
The party officially started a little after 6. Emily made this cute card for me. CC gave me a book by Jing Chang (kinda like a photobook), my favorite Taiwanese singer.
Teehee cute roommates.
I got oreo ice cream cake and mushroom pizza and lemon ice tea and peach punch. My friend Stephen made me vegan matcha almond cookies for my birthday! We watched Meet the Robinsons, a movie that I really liked and wanted to watch again especially because CC and EE hadn't watched it yet. Afterwards we watched Goofy Movie, mostly because Emily really wanted to watch it but also because it's a good movie and I didn't remember much of what happened in it. After the movie we did a little bit of Disney sing along.

What a good day.

Love, Kaia

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

soul sisters.

Today my cutie roommate Nana(I call her CC) and I both wore greyscale outfits. She recently started up a style blog too. Check it!
I live in a triple with CC and Emily-Minnie (I call her EE or Emri), two of my best friends at school. I'm a fortunate one! Living with friends is like having a sleepover every night but instead of playing games and doing makeovers and gossiping about boys, we do homework.

It's kind of a funny story how we met. Emri and I are the same major so I met her in my sewing class. I instantly had that I'd-like-to-be-friends-with-her-vibe when we met. CC and I met in literature class. When we met I thought right away that we could probably get along really well. She seemed to know a lot more people in the class than I did so it was hard for me to start up conversation, so I kept quiet. Last year during clubs day, I ran into Emri and CC together. It turns out the two of them were already friends! It was a while until the three of us became friends.

We were all friends online after meeting, with mutual interest in becoming real friends, but as we are all equally awkward, becoming friends is harder than it sounds. Once CC an Emri were having an online conversation when the lines "I'm just chillin', feeling like a villain" came up. I wasn't initially a part of that conversation, but instinctively I replied to their conversation with a "Keep your head dowwwnnnnn," referencing the DBSK song the lyrics were from. We hit it off after that.

Sometimes I think it's interesting the things we have in common. We all like cats. We all like to name inanimate objects. CC's laptop's name in Mochi. EE's is Breadsticks. Mine old one's name is Aerylus and my new one is Carmellow. We all like to listen to Asian music. None of us eat meat (they're both vegetarian. I'm not but I still don't eat meat). Our favorite ice cream flavors are all mint chocolate chip. We all wear the same converse shoe size. Which is weird considering none of us have the same size feet. CC has the smallest feet while I have the biggest feet.

Hopefully I'll be able to include more posts with the three of us on this blog and write about some of the adventures we have together!

Before I end this post I want to show off a brooch I made yesterday! I recently bought a big pack of shrinky dink film. It's so much fun! The only other time I've ever used shrinky dink was at summer school in 4th grade, and that was only once. My hair has been really yellowing out lately. I'm dying it on Thursday right before my birthday. Excited!

Love, Kaia