Saturday, February 25, 2012

saturday swatching.

Yesterday I went swatching at Elegant fabrics (my new favorite store) for some things I need for class. I wore this outfit plus leggings and a jacket. It was so windy that as I was walking, I kept walking sideways because the wind was pushing that hard.

ruffle collar shirt, top dress, and shoes from Taiwan. white dress from H&M, pettiskirt from flea market, cardigan from thrift
When I got back, it was sunny, but there were flecks falling from the sky. There were a couple girls behind me who were arguing. One said "it's snowing!" Which was what I was thinking. The other girl said "no that's just ---- falling from the trees." And when I took a closer look, there were seeds on the falling whatevers. So for a while I thought the second girl was right. But as I was walking back to my dorm, it started to really snow, and I got really excited because it was snowing and sunny at the same time!

I was really exited about a certain package I received on Friday. When the mail guy took out the box, I let out a pretty loud "OH MY GOD." SO EXCITE. Though, I'll be doing mostly homework on it.
This cute little guy. I'll admit, it was a bit of an impulse buy, but one of my happiest buys yet. I used the money I saved up from the money I earned to buy it. It wasn't too bad because it was second hand. This one was in the two digits.

I'm planning on sewing a dress when I have time! There's still a discrepancy between things I can design and things I can sew. I can make the pattern for it, but I don't know if it will work without trial and error, and dresses will take up a lot of muslin.

Soon after I got the machine set up, I sewed a peter pan collar using the materials I bought a couple months ago. I'd meant to make one a while back but never got around to it.

I hope I'll be able to make some nice things on this! I need more time to practice.

Love, Kaia

Sunday, February 5, 2012

my picks from jason wu for target.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Today is also the release of Jason Wu's collection for Target. It's been a while since a designer collaboration! You guys know how I like to go to all of them. I used to post about all of them. The Jason Wu collaboration was a collection I was really looking forward to when I first heard about it. I'm not a terribly huge Jason fan but I do admire some of his pieces and was curious what he'd come up with.

Unfortunately, I didn't go see the collection. The closest Target here is within walkable distance, but I don't think it's safe to walk to the store before sunrise. Back in California, I'd have my mom drive me ten minutes before the store opens and I'd be the first person there. Since Manhattan doesn't have any Targets, I could imagine that the city folks would be swarming the ones in Brooklyn and Queens. It's less of a deal in the suburbs.

Onward to my picks!
I really like the flare dresses, all of them.

If I had gone, this dress probably would have been the one I'd go for. They're very simple, but that just gives more room for creativity and versatility. Both are $60, which is a little difficult for me to justify. I moved in with my friend a few days ago and have been buying supplies for the room along with supplies for class, which totals up to maybe $200 this week already.

As far as dresses go the navy one with the border stripes was my second choice.
This one,I believe, is $20 less than the black and white flared one. I like the cut, and the pleats on the bodice. My only beef with this one is that it channels schoolgirl vibes, like private school uniform. Preppy.

The sheer blouses are cute, too.
They're $35 each I think. Oh lord, I just checked them up on ebay and people are already marking them up ridiculously.

And of course, the cat scarf.
This was the one thing that I felt like I had to get from the collection. But that was the same thought several other people had when discussing the collection. It's $20 and not a bad price, and I could imagine everyone else having the same scarf.

I was pretty resolved for not going, but writing this post makes me wish I'd been at my hometown so I could have gone to the Target there and try on everything. I'm still a little bit torn about the flare dress. Though, I don't think it's in stock in any locations around here any more.

I'll wait for them to pop up at Goodwill.
Thrift shopping it is.

Almost forgot to put this in! These are some rough designs for my juniors project in apparel. I finished coloring them today

Love, Kaia