Friday, May 27, 2011


Cultural festival post! I finally have enough photos to make a post. The day before the festival, I worked from after school until 11:00pm, and then worked until 3:00am to finish making the menus. I forgot to take pictures of those.

photos by William

I got up at 9:00am to go to school for setup. It was really exciting to see just how many people wore the shirt I made! I took pictures with a whole bunch of people who wore them. Here's one with Allen and my teacher. We all happened to be wearing a different color.
I got dressed for my cafe outfit in the afternoon. I was freaking out the night before because I couldn't find a wig cap or wig shampoo for my wig, and it was too tangled to wear. The beauty shop that I visited coincidentally didn't have either, but had fake hair elastics, so I settled for one of those instead.
I was pretty bummed because even though I had a camera, I was running back and forth the whole time and didn't get to take any pictures. Here's a picture someone took for us with May and Karen. The only picture I got was this one taken with the mirror in the kitchen.
With May and Franny. None of us were expecting as much business as we got.
A stream of people arrived as soon as we opened, and the line never died down. We didn't have assigned roles, except that maids and butlers were the ones to serve food. Unfortunately for me, I was making the parfaits when parfaits became really popular and ended up making parfaits for hours straight and didn't go out to serve much at all. We worked nonstop until 7:30 or 8:00, which was later than when we were supposed to close.
Three maids and four butlers turned out to be not enough. A picture of all of us, minus Vincent. I asked May to take me an outfit picture after we closed.

dress from bodyline, Elle cardigan from Goodwill, blouse from Taiwan, necklace from Angelic Pretty, donated tights, Secret Shop shoes.
I'm sure originally we were planning on black and white maid outfits. I suggested Bodyline because it would be the most affordable place we can get lolita dresses from. But most of the black dresses were sold out so we settled for blue. At first, I had been planning to buy a second hand dress from Baby the Stars Shine Bright or Angelic Pretty; I'm so glad I didn't. Pretty clothes and kitchens do not mix. I was stained with ice cream and chocolate sauce several times in the kitchen, and was elbowed and spilled half a cup of chocolate milkshake while trying to serve.

I stayed after school until 11:30pm for clean up, and had to wake up the next day to go to yearbook carwash. No wonder I've been asleep in class all week.

Love, Kai

Monday, May 23, 2011

okay, now breathe.

It's as if I have been holding my breath for a week. No time to breathe. No time to sleep. I took these pictures last Thursday, but I haven't had a big enough chunk of free time to choose, edit, and post them. I'm granting myself a thirty minutes break to post them.

Forever 21 cardigan borrowed from friend, F21 tank top, jeans from Japan, Keds from Goodwill, owl necklace gift from Lena.

I had about a five minutes span of free time today so I took pictures of today's outfit, but the quality wasn't post quality so they're going in the reject pile.

I had absolutely no time to take pictures at the Japanese cultural festival on Saturday, so I'm holding off on posting until I have enough pictures from other people who took them. And a big chunk of time. It was hectic. A lot more busy and successful than anyone had ever expected.

Looks like my thirty minutes are up.
Love you guys,

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

may wishlist.

This month's wishlist! It was surprisingly difficult for me to come up with items that I wanted. Which is weird, considering how many times I've said "I want to buy that!" in the past month. I guess when I take the time to sit down and reflect on it, I forget everything.

I went through last month's wishlist, and I actually ended up getting three of the items in that list. Not bad! Let's see if I end up getting anything this month. I almost bought that Jason Wu set of CND nail polish earlier this month, but snapped myself out of it.

Also. I forgot. I got a tumblr because I didn't want my name to be taken. You can find me here. I wanted to make it an extension of my blog so I could have daily posts when I don't have time to post, but I ended up putting the link up on my deviantart first, so I thought it would be more appropriate to post art related things instead. You can still check it out if you'd like. I'm trying to refrain myself from following anyone, or else I know I'll end up checking back on it too often.

Love, Kai

Saturday, May 14, 2011

just like that.

listening to "Monster" by Super Junior

Whenever I listen to Korean music, I always sing the English parts and hum everything else. Korean is so hard to sing. It's like tongue twisters for me. Sometimes I want to learn the language just so I could sing. Here, have a blurry picture.
No outfit post today. I went out to buy some makeup and makeup remover to practice with for next week. I was recruited as a waitress for my school's Japanese cultural festival next week. And I'm supposed to be like. Cute or something. So I'm practicing using makeup for that.

Ooh yeah, fun stuff. I got a package today from Petticoat Junction. Flippin huge package. I haven't posted clothing purchases for a while.
It's a bag off poof! So fluffy, oh gosh. I've wanted a Malco Mode petticoat for a while, but held off on buying one because I kept telling myself I didn't need it and it was too expensive. Well, I finally caved in. I bought Malco Mode 582 in Natural. It was between natural and white, and I went with natural because I like off white better than pure white. A lot of people buy Malco Mode pettis in petite for the length, so I almost bought a small instead of medium. So glad I went with medium. It's already kind of tightish in medium.
This is the reason I haven't posted a room photo for the past couple weeks. Can't even walk in here. I swear, I trip and slip on stub my toes on everything in here. It's not messy because I'm a messy person. Rather, I'm trying to clear my shelves, drawers, and closet of things that I don't want anymore to sell or give away before college. There's boxes and boxes of manga in front of my closet. I can't even get to my closet. There has to be around 200 books in those boxes. And that doesn't even count the ones that I'm keeping. It's spring cleaning time.

Love, Kai

Friday, May 13, 2011

forget about everything and run away.

listening to "Runaway" by Avril Lavigne

Blogger is finally back up. This was supposed to be yesterday's post. I took pictures a little later than usual. Kind of like the lighting.

shirt from Tokyo Fashion Co., dark green dress from Forever21, skirt from Charlotte Russe, Leggings from Aritzia, Doc Marten boots.
Prom is tomorrow. I don't have the money for a dress. Yeah. Just going to hang around at home and do homework. I'm not even going to ditch on senior ditch day on monday. I'm such a boring kid.

Love, Kai

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

this welcome is gone and i've waited long enough.

listening to "Can't Take It" by All American Rejects

Yesterday was cold so I thought today might be too. I wore a turtleneck and two jackets, which turned out to be unnecessary. I hate dressing according to weather. If only I wasn't weather sensitive.
I have this pants problem every morning. I don't like pants very much, excluding this pair that I wear all too often. So I always grab for this pair or my elastic skinny jeans from Japan. I did find this one pair of pants that I wanted to buy last month, but they were over a hundred thirty. A pretty big splurge for me. I think I'd wear them a lot, though. I don't have a picture, but they look kind of Limi Feu. Imagine shin length monochromatic palate in kind of a harem pant style.

lace top from thrift, BCBG knit jacket from thrift, pants and shoes from Taiwan.

On Mother's Day, we went out for lunch at a restaurant near Thrift Town, and I wanted to stop by to see if they had any cameras. At first, I was disappointed because I didn't see any. It turns out that the store was just reorganized so the cameras were in a different area than they were before. I bought another two polaroids; the two on the left. The top right one was from Goodwill from a couple weeks back.
I didn't have too much time to look at clothes, but I went through their vintage clothing section. There was this floral off-the-shoulder evening gown that was probably from the 50's. I tried it on and it was a little bit tight, but not too bad. It has a built in petticoat with a pretty good amount of poof. I wouldn't have been surprised if it were $20 or $30. When I reached for the price tag, my eyes shot out. $3.99!!!! Now that is a thrift store price. I didn't buy it, though, because I wouldn't have worn it and the poof takes up too much space in my closet. I wouldn't have been able to put it in a storage box, either.

Besides the cameras, I also bought a jewelry closet. I've been wanting one of these for the longest time, but I never bought one because they're too expensive. I found the perfect one at a garage sale, but the sales lady was on the phone so I felt like I shouldn't talk to her, and then another person snatched the closet and bought it. At least I got this one.
I spent all yesterday trying to clean it. It was pretty gross when I bought it. In a couple of the drawer compartments, there was a greenish stain that looked like a mix between bubble gum and nail polish. I tried washing it, until the lining started shrinking and coming apart. I didn't realize it was made of such low quality material. So I tore the insides of the drawers out and I think I'll find some time to replace it with floral print lining.

Love, Kai

Saturday, May 7, 2011

making a difference.

I am excited to say that my t-shirt design for Japan relief efforts has been chosen to be in the top five for public voting. You might recognize the design as the one I've been working on these past months or the one that Marlena wore. I made the design the night the contest was announced, and submitted it the same night. But because I wasn't sure if it would make it far enough, I wanted to take action right away, and started producing the shirts myself by hand.

When the disaster struck, I started donating what I could for the relief efforts. I wished that there was more that I could do, and then this contest popped up.

I'm really grateful for having got this far already. No matter which shirt wins, a difference will be made! So big thanks to Teen Vogue and Guess for that.

Love, Kai

Thursday, May 5, 2011

firefox 4 reminds me of chrome.

I don't like the new Firefox very much; kind of wish I didn't do the update. It keeps on lagging. Though, the last time they had a big update, they wouldn't let me not update. So I thought I might as well just get it over with as soon as possible.

Today was so hot that I started sweating when taking blog photos. Either that or it was the number of layers I was wearing.
teeheeheehee. Oh, that reminds me. Remember the posts I made about not wearing white while painting? I did it again. Well, technically I was printing t shirts, and nothing bad ever happened the several times I've printed before so I figured it was alright. But there were a lot of people who were printing today, and someone left an oozing gunky puddle of black printing ink on the table, and it got onto my dress. Luckily I was able to get most of that off.

dress from Wonder Rocket, American Eagle bolero from Thrift Town, half sleeve shirt from Tokyo Fashion Co Taiwan, thrifted ruffle skirt, Mudd shoes, necklace from Taiwan.
I had to switch my photo spot today because I kept getting these dark shadows. It was harder to take pictures today too because I couldn't find my old camera, which is bulky so it can stand on its side by itself.
I really like this necklace. It's Cinderella's pumpkin coach. I think it was only $3 when I bought it in Taiwan. I saw a near identical one at Harajuku Hearts in San Francisco. It was silver with pink jewels and came with a shoe charm, and was $11.

Fashion Click ate up my last post. Hope this one works.

Love, Kai

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

and no one even knew it was really only you.

listening to "You're Gonna Go Far, Kid" - The Offspring

It's May. There's so many things going on this month. School work has finally cooled down a bit, but I feel busier than ever. Today at school, I watched movies in two different periods and hung around with no work in all of the other classes. But by the time I get home, I feel like I have a million things to do. Yesterday, I had five things to do on my agenda and only got through three. So. This was yesterday's outfit, but I didn't get around to posting it.

shirt from F21, cardigan from flea market, flower brooch from flea market, leggings from JC Penny, shoes from Salvation Army.
I don't think I've posted this outfit before, but I wouldn't be surprised if I had. It's on dailybooth from a couple years ago.

I'd been suffering from sugar deficiency for ages. I finally went to the stores to buy some candy yesterday. Easter items are on sale from 75% to 90%! Scoreeee. Those Swedish Fish Eggs aren't as good as I thought they'd be.

A few days ago, this mystery box arrived at my door with my name on it. I couldn't figure out why because I hadn't bought anything from Amazon in a while.
I opened them and it was a pair of earbuds. At first, I was pretty freaked out because I didn't tell anyone that I needed earbuds. Then I remembered that I didn't have earbuds because my brother took them from me. My brother had this one pair of earbuds that he lost, so he ordered another pair and then a backup pair. Then he found the pair that he lost and ended up with three pairs, so he have one to me. But then he lost both of the other pairs, so he stuffed he pair he gave me in his pocket when he found them lying on my desk.
He originally had the black pair, and this one that I received is the same style in a different colorway. So I concluded that it was from him. Aw. He can be sweet sometimes.

Thrift shopping has been less successful lately. I know I'm not taking the clothes I buy to college, so I haven't been buying any clothes on my thrift shop visits. So probably wont have many thrift tagged posts for a while.

Love, Kai