Tuesday, May 10, 2011

this welcome is gone and i've waited long enough.

listening to "Can't Take It" by All American Rejects

Yesterday was cold so I thought today might be too. I wore a turtleneck and two jackets, which turned out to be unnecessary. I hate dressing according to weather. If only I wasn't weather sensitive.
I have this pants problem every morning. I don't like pants very much, excluding this pair that I wear all too often. So I always grab for this pair or my elastic skinny jeans from Japan. I did find this one pair of pants that I wanted to buy last month, but they were over a hundred thirty. A pretty big splurge for me. I think I'd wear them a lot, though. I don't have a picture, but they look kind of Limi Feu. Imagine shin length monochromatic palate in kind of a harem pant style.

lace top from thrift, BCBG knit jacket from thrift, pants and shoes from Taiwan.

On Mother's Day, we went out for lunch at a restaurant near Thrift Town, and I wanted to stop by to see if they had any cameras. At first, I was disappointed because I didn't see any. It turns out that the store was just reorganized so the cameras were in a different area than they were before. I bought another two polaroids; the two on the left. The top right one was from Goodwill from a couple weeks back.
I didn't have too much time to look at clothes, but I went through their vintage clothing section. There was this floral off-the-shoulder evening gown that was probably from the 50's. I tried it on and it was a little bit tight, but not too bad. It has a built in petticoat with a pretty good amount of poof. I wouldn't have been surprised if it were $20 or $30. When I reached for the price tag, my eyes shot out. $3.99!!!! Now that is a thrift store price. I didn't buy it, though, because I wouldn't have worn it and the poof takes up too much space in my closet. I wouldn't have been able to put it in a storage box, either.

Besides the cameras, I also bought a jewelry closet. I've been wanting one of these for the longest time, but I never bought one because they're too expensive. I found the perfect one at a garage sale, but the sales lady was on the phone so I felt like I shouldn't talk to her, and then another person snatched the closet and bought it. At least I got this one.
I spent all yesterday trying to clean it. It was pretty gross when I bought it. In a couple of the drawer compartments, there was a greenish stain that looked like a mix between bubble gum and nail polish. I tried washing it, until the lining started shrinking and coming apart. I didn't realize it was made of such low quality material. So I tore the insides of the drawers out and I think I'll find some time to replace it with floral print lining.

Love, Kai


kktomoyo said...

Man I kinda wish I could just go out and take pics of myself like you do, but i live in an apartmnt complex....and i'm liek ubber shy to do that^^;
But~ how much did the cameras cost? I kinda want to get an old school type since all I have is a sony cybershot. Lovely jewlery box by the way~ good luck on making it look beautiful~!

- said...

the jewelry closet is so cute, I always wanted something like that *-*

Kaiami said...

KKTomoyo: I feel a lot more comfortable taking pictures for myself than when other people are taking pictures for me. Then I get squirmy haha. I used to live in apartments too, so I get the concern. My polaroids were all $2.99 each, except for the top right one, which was $3.49. My Minolta SLR from this post was around $27. Thank you!

Asuka: They're so useful! Now I don't have to keep my jewelry lying around in teacups.

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