Saturday, May 7, 2011

making a difference.

I am excited to say that my t-shirt design for Japan relief efforts has been chosen to be in the top five for public voting. You might recognize the design as the one I've been working on these past months or the one that Marlena wore. I made the design the night the contest was announced, and submitted it the same night. But because I wasn't sure if it would make it far enough, I wanted to take action right away, and started producing the shirts myself by hand.

When the disaster struck, I started donating what I could for the relief efforts. I wished that there was more that I could do, and then this contest popped up.

I'm really grateful for having got this far already. No matter which shirt wins, a difference will be made! So big thanks to Teen Vogue and Guess for that.

Love, Kai


Anonymous said...

Wow, congratulations!
Where can I vote?

Kaiami said...

Sorry about that, Care! I thought I made it clicky. Fixed it! And thank you!

Asuka said...

Sweet, congtrats! =)
your's really nice, I'll vote for you ^-^

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