Friday, May 27, 2011


Cultural festival post! I finally have enough photos to make a post. The day before the festival, I worked from after school until 11:00pm, and then worked until 3:00am to finish making the menus. I forgot to take pictures of those.

photos by William

I got up at 9:00am to go to school for setup. It was really exciting to see just how many people wore the shirt I made! I took pictures with a whole bunch of people who wore them. Here's one with Allen and my teacher. We all happened to be wearing a different color.
I got dressed for my cafe outfit in the afternoon. I was freaking out the night before because I couldn't find a wig cap or wig shampoo for my wig, and it was too tangled to wear. The beauty shop that I visited coincidentally didn't have either, but had fake hair elastics, so I settled for one of those instead.
I was pretty bummed because even though I had a camera, I was running back and forth the whole time and didn't get to take any pictures. Here's a picture someone took for us with May and Karen. The only picture I got was this one taken with the mirror in the kitchen.
With May and Franny. None of us were expecting as much business as we got.
A stream of people arrived as soon as we opened, and the line never died down. We didn't have assigned roles, except that maids and butlers were the ones to serve food. Unfortunately for me, I was making the parfaits when parfaits became really popular and ended up making parfaits for hours straight and didn't go out to serve much at all. We worked nonstop until 7:30 or 8:00, which was later than when we were supposed to close.
Three maids and four butlers turned out to be not enough. A picture of all of us, minus Vincent. I asked May to take me an outfit picture after we closed.

dress from bodyline, Elle cardigan from Goodwill, blouse from Taiwan, necklace from Angelic Pretty, donated tights, Secret Shop shoes.
I'm sure originally we were planning on black and white maid outfits. I suggested Bodyline because it would be the most affordable place we can get lolita dresses from. But most of the black dresses were sold out so we settled for blue. At first, I had been planning to buy a second hand dress from Baby the Stars Shine Bright or Angelic Pretty; I'm so glad I didn't. Pretty clothes and kitchens do not mix. I was stained with ice cream and chocolate sauce several times in the kitchen, and was elbowed and spilled half a cup of chocolate milkshake while trying to serve.

I stayed after school until 11:30pm for clean up, and had to wake up the next day to go to yearbook carwash. No wonder I've been asleep in class all week.

Love, Kai


Prastika Herlianti said...

cute lolita dress and your make up ;)

Iris said...

Ohh! I really love this lolita outfit<3!

chloe said...

you are so darling <3 I'm glad the festival went well!

Asuka said...

wonderful dress, I really like the blue =)

Sad China said...

You look so pretty in the cafe outfit :D Some ppl can't pull off the lolita look naturally, but you do!

Love your blog (:


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