Wednesday, June 1, 2011

get some sleep.

Yesterday I had a terrible stomachache and passed out at 5 in the afternoon. I didn't wake up until 6:30 in the morning. So I've finally gotten the sleep I needed those past few weeks. I got very little sleep on Fanime days.
Finals will finally be over this week, and I can't wait for the week to end and finally get back to blogging. Maybe I'll finally go shopping too. I want to get a kigurumi. Still deciding which to get and where to buy it.
My LM.C CD came in yesterday in the mail. It had cool packaging and a free mystery colored ring. I got the blue one. I wanted the black one, but no use complaining.

Finals study time.
Love, Kai


Asuka said...

waaaah LM.C *-* wuhuuuu the ring looks so great!
hope you are feeling better =(

りあ★ said...

the ring look really neat-O! good luck with finals! i think i saw you at fanime!? *-*

tracee said...

My friend and her boyfriend went to Fanime last week too :) Haha.

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