Monday, June 20, 2011

this post is three days worth of posts.

currently listening to "Pray for the Sun" by 砂月(Satsuki)

On Friday, I left to go visit the state capital, Sacramento. I hadn't been there or taken Amtrak, in maybe a decade now. I went to go to Kintoki-con, a new convention that was starting their first annual event just a couple days ago. I signed up to be an artist in the artist alley about a half a year ago, before anything was really announced. I wasn't sure what to expect.
I grabbed a couple friends to go with me. Being with them made the trip really enjoyable for me. Them listening to Radwimps.

May (left) and Yoko (right)

Day one was for hotel check in. We didn't have much to do so we visited Old Sacramento.
I really wanted to go to the candy stores. For some reason, I remember the stores with saltwater taffy from my childhood as clear as day, but I couldn't recall much else about Sacramento. Maybe because candy was the only thing that interested me.

This time around, I saw these feather hats. They were too tall for me to see the price tags, except the white one on the left bottom. That was $85.
There was also a costume shop that sold these decorated masquerade style masks that were really pretty. I would have liked one, but I wasn't in a spendy mood on Friday.

We left after going around a couple times, and went to the mall. I didn't buy anything, but I had to get a picture of these spiky heels. So edgy. I wonder if it hurts if you run into someone while wearing those.
That was pretty much day one.

Day two and three were blurred together a little bit. It's more like one long 48-hour day. At the beginning of the day, my friends and I woke up early for artist alley table setup.
I forgot to bring some of my display items, and it's not like Fanime where I could just ask someone to go to my house and pick it up for me. Business was pretty slow for the most part. There were occasional crowds, but not often. It's now that I realize how big of a convention Fanime is. When I was waiting to get my pass for Fanime, I waited in the pre-reg line for 3 hours. I must have waited less than 3 minutes to get my pass at Kintoki.

But small conventions have their advantage. It's a lot more of an intimate setting, so more one-on-one time with guests. My friends and I were going back to our hotel room, and we were on the same elevator as some band members. It didn't take long for me to recognize them as the members from Moon Stream (minus Satsuki, who wasn't there). It would have been weird to ask for a photo while in the elevator, so we waited for a different opportunity. I saw Tomo the guitarist twice again that day and then asked for a picture.

The concert was late Saturday; I think it started around 10:30. We started waiting in line at 8:30. I met the ever so gorgeous RiA. I wish I could just be half as photogenic as her! She's always so pretty and I'm kind of just bleh in every photo.

We finally went in after about two hours. The crowd was really small, but Moon Stream still gave it their all and delivered. They deserved a bigger crowd and a nicer stage. I wish they could have been at the auditorium across the street from Fanime, with a full stadium. Satsuki, the vocalist, has this incredible vocal range. And the voice of an angel.
There were some jerks at the concert, who were pushing each other, rough housing, talking loudly during the quiet parts of the songs, even booing. Them being a couple heads taller than me, I was squished and hit a few times in the process. I wanted to give them a piece of my mind. I wanted security to come and kick them out. But it never happened.

I'd love for them to return in a year to perform again. Ideally somewhere like Fanime or Anime Expo (I'm just being biased because those are the two conventions that I'm most likely to be able to attend). I would be pretty bummed if I couldn't get front row, but I'd love to be able to see them again. Newly loyal fan.

During the concert, I tried really hard to take pictures of the backup instrumentalists because I wanted to cards for them, and I needed references. Unfortunately, flash wasn't allowed and point and shoots don't take the greatest photos in the dark. I think they came out alright though.
I drew one for Tomo (guitar), Satsuki (vocals), U-ya (drums), and Ena (bass). Tomo and Satsuki threw some roses at the end of the show, but they didn't go far enough so I didn't have a chance (I was in second row moshpit). U-ya threw his drumsticks, which I sprinted over to try to catch, but they were thrown in the area where the jerky roughhousers were, so I was afraid of getting injured by them and backed away.

I gave the pictures to them on Sunday during the autograph session, and we took a picture together after the photo session.
We took it after the photo session because my friends and I took pictures with them as a group, and we went back in line for individual pictures, and was kicked out.
My friends and asked if we could get two photos; a regular one and a posed one.
I really like how the posed one came out. Everyone in the band looks cool in the picture.

For the autograph session, I asked to get the poster I bought signed. Additionally, I bought One of Satsuki's singles and two Echostream CDs. There were two other Satsuki CDs that I was thinking of getting and ended up not buying. I regret not buying them already.

Jumping back to Saturday's events, I attended a panel with Teruki from An Cafe and Sakurai Takamasa. I had been manning my artist alley table when the panel was going on, but I wanted to go so we closed up shop for an hour to go to it.
I asked Yoko to ask them if we could do a Power Rangers pose.
Teruki has fantastic hair. I wish my hair were that nice. May and I liked his pants. We had a conversation about it being a bit difficult to bike in harem pants, and Teruki said he could bike in his. I need those skills.
Sakuraiさん and Teruki was there when we were waiting for the Moon Stream concert, so we chatted for a bit and gave them cards that we made for them.
Minus the three on the side; I drew those for my friends and me.

We had to leave the convention early because of time issues, but we were able to attend the Moon Stream Q&A panel for a good 15 minutes, and pick up a commission drawn by Ryu Moto
Yeah, I had a really good weekend. Now just tired to death.

Love, Kaiami


Rokou said...

Those are some dangerous shoes.

Was there a lot of people?

Sarah said...

Wow!! Those cards look so cute (^ω^)

OMG! You were so lucky! An Cafe is my favourite band and Teruki is my favourite member (*;θ;*) xD!

I met Sakurai last year in Barcelona. He's a very kind person, isn't he? ^^

Akari said...

Waaa!! Cool pics! ))))You are cute and shiny!! Especially, I loved the pic where you are with Mr.Sakurai, Teruki and the girls! ^O^ Thank you!!

Akari said...

And, yes! Your drawings is very stylish! Good luck in your creativity!

Unknown said...

Here's a pic of me biking in Harem pants. I think it's a snap! You have to be carefuly or the crotch-fabric will snag on the saddle, but otherwise, it's very pleasant!

Biking in Harem Pants on Flickr:

And I don't think you're Blah in pics - I think you're precious!

Kaiami said...

Rokou: There weren't that many. I'd say..maybe a couple hundred? I can't tell just by walking around though.

Sarah: Very lucky, right! ; u; And because it was a small convention, we had a lot of one-on-one time to just talk and hang out. Sakurai is really friendly! I'm glad I got to meet him.

Akari: Thanks! I really appreciate your comments~

Julie: Gosh, I love that! Haha I'll need to try harder. I used to wear flared cotton pants, and they got caught in the gears and I fell of my bike in the middle of a big street. After the light turned and I was still there, all the cars had to wait patiently for me to hop back on the other side of the road because I couldn't get my pants out of the gears.

りあ★ said...

Those spike shoes are so cool, I wish I got to explore Sac a bit >< how much was the amtrack?

your drawings are so adorable! gah! I wish i stayed a bit on Sunday but the Con was very slow =w=;;

was soo lovely meeting you finally!! <3

giorgia said...

I need to go next year ajfalkjflskdfjaks norcal cons are hard to find!

I can't believe I totally missed you at fanime. I was so out of it I forgot you were there and I know I stopped at your booth too cos I remember it =_=

Rokou said...

Kaiami: From what you said, small cons can be really nice and interesting. Thanks for the info. Maybe I will check out Kintoki con next year if I have time.

Kim said...

awwww I love your rakugaki! it's pretty cute =) I love rakugaki-ing too <3

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