Sunday, June 5, 2011

these moments last forever.

After months of tension and stress, the 53rd issue of the Nugget is finally out. This is the result of our labor; a compilation of memories to be remembered forever.
This is my year. Look through any of the old yearbooks from my middle school to junior year of high school and the only picture you'll find of me is in the mugshot section. Which doesn't usually turn out too well.
Luckily I get a few choices as a senior. The photographer gives us five pictures per person so we'd have a choice as to which picture we would like. This was the only picture that turned out alright. My necklace was crooked in all of the other ones.

It was mentioned a few months ago, but my class voted me into the senior hall of fame. Pictures were taken in January and I've had the photos saved onto my computer for ages, but hadn't posted them because that probably would have gone against yearbook policy.
Unfortunately we took photos facing the sun for better lighting. It's always like that. So I squinted awkwardly in all of the photos.

My swacket has a pocket with a white lining. It sticks out at inconvenient times, and I wish it were a black lining instead.

swacket from Harputs Union, top dress from Forever21, bottom dress from Emily Temple Cute, brown engineer boots.

I haven't graduated yet, but my classes are finally over. I wasn't the biggest fan of high school, and I can't wait to get away, but looking through the book makes me miss everyone already.

I forgot if I've featured this camera on my blog yet, but I bought a Fujifilm Instax about three weeks ago. It takes really great quality pictures and doesn't take any skill, unlike the old Polaroids. No peeling involved, no flipping and shielding of light necessary.
I'm using this camera to take pictures of things and people I want to remember, to take along with me to college.

Love, Kai


tracee said...

ooh! You must know Sabrina then! :)

I would love a Fujifilm Instax too.. but.. I need to save my money. By the way, which school did you decide on?

Kaiami said...

Juicy Cool?! Do you know her too?! Small world oh gosh. I love my instax! Saves me from photo failures. I'm going to Pratt! Hardest decision as of yet, but I'm more than excited, which is a good sign.

Anonymous said...

You look adorable! I've never seen a swacket before, but you look awesome in it. ♥♥

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