Friday, June 24, 2011

hide and seek.

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Same outfit as yesterday's post. It's been a while since I dressed up. I woke up yesterday morning and wanted to do makeup because I had been reading magazines the day before and wanted to try it out. But then I thought it would be a waste if I did makeup and didn't have an outfit to go with it.

When I try to take a picture of the makeup, though, the picture looks a lot more toned down than it does in real life. I would make a terrible beauty blogger. I'm not good enough at makeup for that anyway. When I tried putting eyelashes in my right eye, I accidentally put it too close to my eye so every time I blink it pokes my eyeball.
I found this vertical stripe skirt in a pile of clothes that I never wear. Surprisingly, I was able to squeeze into it. It doesn't usually fit because it has no stretch in it and it's not my size. I think that's why I never wear it.
Closeup. It's a medium length skirt, a short skirt, and a bunch of gauze I found in the art classroom.
Wearing four necklaces of different lengths. Yay layering.
When I stopped taking photos, I hadn't taken enough that I liked yet. But it was so hot outside with the number of layers I was wearing, I thought I'd get heat stroke if I were out any longer. This is going to take up half of the laundry basket. Fun. I don't like to do laundry so it often ends up like this.

Oh, one more thing. I had a tumblr before, but it's mostly just for sketches and my art stuff. I made a blog tumblr so that there would be updates even on the days that I don't post on this blog.

Love, Kai


Savannah Burton said...

You look awesome! I've lOVE the vertical stripe skirt. I wish I could do make up! I'm horrible at it. I think your's looks great by the way

Clairedontcare said...

I love that striped skirt, your necklaces and your t shirt.

りあ★ said...

stop being so awesome =w= i love all your pics damn i cant believe you took them yourself! <3

Kaiami said...

Awh thank you Ria <33 Self timer makes it so that I waste a lot of time taking unsuccessful photos, but if someone is taking photos for me, I feel awkward make always make the same derpy smile.

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