Saturday, October 30, 2010

why yes, my hair did grow a foot overnight.

There's one particular question I've never quite understood. After getting a hair cut, people have the tendency to ask something in the lines of "did you get a haircut?" It makes sense if only a couple inches was trimmed off, but people ask even when it's obvious.
today's photos courtesy of Maykoko
I wore a wig on Friday, and I lost count of how many "is that your real hair?" questions I received. It comes in different variations. "Is it real?" being the most popular. There were also "did your hair look like that yesterday?" and "are those extensions?" A teacher of mine didn't even notice that I used to have short hair. I guess that's possible.

I used to have chest-length hair, and cut it above-chin length. My older brother never said anything about it, until three weeks after I cut it. OH YOU GOT A HAIRCUT. Three weeks later. I didn't notice.

Thursday night, I was deciding what to wear for dress-up-for-Halloween day. I was going to go as red riding hood again, but I couldn't find my red hood so that kind of knocks down the idea. I narrowed down to these two dresses.
dress: present from my friend's cousin in Japan
Cabin crew lady. Except I was missing a hat and a lapel and nice shoes. And I though maybe it would be a bad idea to lug around a suitcase at school. So I went with the second one. I was afraid it would be too cold though.
Metamorphose dress, thrifted cardigan, Baby the Stars Shine Bright parasol

But I found a pair of tights and a cardigan to go with it, so it wasn't too cold. The forecast predicted rain, so I brought a collapsible parasol too. That's my friend in the background.
My friend Maykoko took these pictures. She went as Peter Pan, and spent the whole day jumping and doing crazy magic.

Oh hey look, it's tomorrow.

Love, Kai

Friday, October 29, 2010

my tie is crooked.

I wouldn't make a very good man. I need other people to tie my ties for me. Dressed formal for my presentation in Econ. No black heels or pencil skirts in my closet, so I went with a bow tie.

Today was dress-up-for-Halloween day at school. I took my camera along, but ended up not taking any pictures, so I'll make my blog posts once everyone else's pictures from today are up.

Love, Kai

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

for you, a thousand times over.

This was supposed to be yesterday's post, but the image upload wasn't working, so I drafted it yesterday and put in the pictures today. I sat around for a while, hoping the images would start loading, and wasted those three hours doing just that. I tried this morning when I woke up too, and it wasn't working. Uploading in class right now.

Yesterday was pink day at school, promoting breast cancer awareness. I don't like to wear pink too much because it doesn't go well with my skin tone. Same thing goes for most light colors. Half of my closet is pink and cream colors, but I always opt out on wearing them, and go with black instead. I guess that's why I'm wearing black with my pink.
top from Taiwan (only $3!), cardigan from thrift, HUE tights, Victorian Maiden parasol

I absolutely adore these tights. They're like a work of art. I haven't worn them since I bought it because I tried them on as soon as I bought them, stretched them out too far, and ripped a hole in them. It was a terrible large hole. But for some reason, I couldn't find the hole when I wore it. Magic.

I finished reading Kite Runner on Sunday, though we
were only supposed to read up to chapter 10. I couldn't put it down, and I don't like following reading schedules, so I zipped through it. This is a picture that I drew for class.
Portraying the dream scene in chapter 7. It was a good book. When I have time, I'll read Splendid Suns too.

Looking through shoes. I want to get a new pair of boots because my old pair is really wearing out. I don't blame them, since I wear them all too often. Every time I pass by Aldo, I think about getting this pair.
But they're much over my budget. If these were ever on sale for 50% off, then maybe.

And then there's this pair that I stumbled upon while browsing Net a Porter. I should really stay away from that website. It's almost 10 times more costly than the Aldo ones.
And then there's these Vivienne rocking horse sandals. I don't think I'd wear them all too often if I were to get them, but they are amazingggg. Reminds me of Hermes, the god. Not the brand. They're affordable, especially for Vivienne Westwood. It'd still be a splurge for me though.
And Docs! I'm dying to get a pair of Docs. I did find a basic black pair at a store once, on sale for $30! But they were uncomfortable so I didn't get them. It still makes me sad, though. I want these floral ones, since I like floral everything. Can't get enough!
Perhaps I'll save up for just one pair. It's not easy deciding which pair.

PS, had my dentist appointment today. No cavities, heckyes! I have extremely sensitive teeth, and it doesn't help that I need candy as much as I need food. Almost always, I get cavities in those six months. Last time was 7 cavities, and I had to get shots for all of them. This new dentist I switched to gives painful cavity treatments. And each cavity filling costs $130. My parents get fed up with my teeth (I swear, I brush twice a day, floss, and use mouthwash) so I have to pay for half of the costs. I could buy shoes with that money.

Yesssss I finally got those pictures in. Back to classwork.

Love, Kai

Monday, October 25, 2010

maybe I should just stop wearing heels.

Perhaps I'm just not used to walking in heels (wedges are fine). But every time I do, I always have some kind of problem. Last time, it hurts to walk. This time, walking is just difficult. Inconvenient. My strides are short and awkward. While I'm at it, maybe I'll stop wearing long skirts too. I mean, back when I used to wear flared pants and sweats, I'd always find a way to trip over on them. It's inevitable that I'd trip on long skirts just as, if not more often.
shoes: online seller, tank top: Wet Seal, cardigan, scarf, skirt: thrifted
Actually, this morning I was wearing the skirt all the way down to my shoes, but I continuously stepped on my skirt while getting up from sitting, so I hitched it up to where my armpits are. Yeah, it's that long. My armpits are kind of really itchy right now. I wonder if that has anything to do with anything.

Oh right. This is the skirt that I bought that's like 7 sizes too big for me. My goal is to make them 7 sizes smaller and make them into harem pants. But the thing is, I can't sew. I mean. I can, technically, but definitely not well. Somehow, I manage to jam the sewing machine every couple minutes. It's like a magical jamming power that I have. Not exactly the most useful superpower. I thought maybe it was because I have a lower end sewing machine, but then I remembered that I took sewing one summer for a couple weeks, and jammed their $1000 sewing machines there too. No one else jams their machines. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Anyhoo, I quit that class because my teacher was racist against Asians, and is equally against disabled kids. The poor girl who sat in back of my received the same treatment. Shame, I would have liked to know how to sew well.

I'm throwing this picture-to-text ratio totally off. More pictures!

I'm thinking of getting French or Italian Vogue, but they aren't cheap. I know, that I can just find pictures and inpiration online, but I love physical copies of things. Like for music, I have to buy the CD instead of buying the digital albums. I still buy books at bookstores, and magazine subscriptions even though my bookshelf has been full for ages.
These are all the magazines that I don't have room for, separated into the American magazines pile and Asian magazines. Taiwanese Vogue isn't all that, but it came with a free metalic Mango tote. Recently I got a subscription to Elle too. I hadn't been meaning to, but my dad asked me one day if I was subscribed, which I wasn't, and then he bought me a subscription. Two years for $5! That's $2.50 a year! Oh joy. I really do need a new shelf. That, or sell half my books.

I'm tired. I took a nap yesterday evening and missed dance practice because of it. And then went to sleep at 10:30. I'm still tired.

PS, note to self. I need to take a trip to H&M asap.
PPS, I need a new blog title.
PPPS, I got one of these a while ago and never put this link up so technically I haven't claimed it yet. Not too late. Follow my blog with bloglovin

Love, Kai

Saturday, October 23, 2010

eating from the bag isn't a good idea.

My friend stopped by my house to work on a project on Friday, and brought some snacks with her. I was eating from the bag today, thinking I'd only eat a few bites, and then mindlessly ate the whole bag. Whoops. I noticed I do this a little bit too often.
Oh and there's a phrase book my mom bought. The phrases are actually pretty useful. Let's see... kuruma ga kowaremashita, my car broke down. Kekkon shiteimasuka? Are you married? Kono ireba o naose masuka? Can you repair this denture? Some useful phrases.

Oh yay, another outfit. I went to Kinokuniya today, and a nice old Japanese lady commented on how much she likes my leggings. I love sweet older people!
thrifted sweater, skirt borrowed from a friend
My best friends in the world came to visit me today. Originally, I had dance practice, but because it was so last minute, I didn't go. So I did a bit of shopping and had friends visit later in the day. They teamed up and bought me a Juicy laptop bag for my birthday!
Affffffff gosh I love my friends. I unclipped the heart fob that was on my Mulberry Target bag and clipped it onto this bag. I know a lot of people don't like the heart fob, but I think it's pretty darn cute. But it does look better on my Juicy than it does the Mulberry.

While they were over, one friend showed me a fail J Biebs video
Note to those out there who are thinking about it: don't get a Chinese character tatooed on yourself until you make sure it's written correctly (and know the meaning of it). Here's what it's supposed to look like.
The middle part is done totally wrong, which is ridiculous. The sudden Oriental theme to the video makes no sense at all. In the video, suddenly, these Oriental girls with fans pop up and dance with Biebs and Usher. It's kind of sort of hilarious that a professional music video would have such a mistake.

Crud it's tomorrow already.
And I haven't done any homework. Except reading 5 chapters ahead in Kite Runner. Woops. No spoilers, please.

Love, Kai

Friday, October 22, 2010

eating my halloween candy already.

I got a Halloween pack of Dum Dums and Sour Patch/Swedish Fish to pass out for Halloween. My mom lets me choose which kind to get, so it would be alright if we have leftovers. But the thing is, we always overbuy. There hasn't been a year where we've gotten enough visitors for all of the candy to be passed out. Occasionally, we'd run out of candy, but only when we leave the candy bowl outside (meaning it's probably just one group of people who take them all).I don't need to go trick or treating to get a month's worth of candy. About this year's Halloween. I haven't put much thought into it. Every year, I do end up wearing something, but I don't usually plan it out. If nothing comes to mind, I'll wear what I wore last year. The thing is, I'd rather be warm than wear a really awesome costume that I'd be cold in.

Lighting inside the house was way too dark today, so I went outside. In most of my photos, the focus is the background and I'm sort of blurred out. Either that or the photo turns out overly blindingly bright.
dress: target. cardigan: thrifted. tights: free from library donation. shoes: bodyline
I'm wearing a bow that goes with the dress today, but I guess I'm facing the wrong way in all of the pictures. Oops. Taking pictures is really dangerous for my camera. Since I don't have a tripod, I place the camera vertically on the step ladder. But the sides of the camera aren't flat surfaces, so it could fall and break at any time. It's fallen a number of times before, but I have something to cushion the blow. Still, a tripod would be nice.

I want to go shopping in Korea.

Love, Kai

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I need better batteries or a better camera.

It's mind blowing how fast my camera sucks up battery life. I replace batteries just about every day, and I only use my camera for around 10 minutes a day. That's how quick the batteries go. I think it's my camera's fault. When I use the battery life reader, the batteries still have some life in them. They just don't work in my camera. It makes it difficult to take pictures.

Miyuki/Tokyo Fashion Co., Taiwan
Today was supposed to be around 65 degrees so I wore my scarf. Occasionally I feel like I'm drowning in it. I have a similar one in a purplish grey too.

A package came in the mail today. Getting packages are so much fun, if only I didn't have to wait for them. I bought a Sexy Dynamite London stripe shirt. Normally, I wouldn't really be into tops like this, but it reminds me of LM.C's Punky Heart Video (LM.C is my favorite band).The fit isn't up to par. There's no stretch in it, and it's too loose in some areas while too tight in others. At least I can wear it, I guess. I suppose it's worth not spending $100 more for the legit one from Groucho.


Love, Kai

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I'm not completely sure why, but purple is one of those colors that I'm not very fond of. It's about the same level as orange. They're both nice colors, but I don't like to wear them (I'm pretty sure yellow and orange don't look very attractive on me). So I was convinced that I didn't have any purple to wear.

After rummaging through my closet and my mom's closet, I was unable to find any purple. So I wore these tights, which has the most purple I could find.
sweater: thrift. leggings: Aritzia
The dark parts of the flowers are shadowed with a plum purple. I felt so lame at school. Everyone who was wearing purple had legit purple, not my poor excuse of purple-in-the-form-of-shadows.

It wasn't until I went home and looked through the left side of my closet that I realized I have a purple dress. SAY WHATTTT.
Kind of mad at myself. I'm debating whether or not to wear it tomorrow to make up for not wearing it today, or just not wear it at all, since the meaning is gone.

I need more English songs in my iPod. I put the whole Eminem CD in recently, and really tempted to cut it out. So much angry. Being a Linkin Park fan and all, I got their latest CD too, but I'm a little disappointed (maybe that's an understatement). Out of the 15 songs on their CD, I only like two of them. Oh, Chester. I miss those old songs.

Love, Kai

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

cherry cherry boom boom.

thrifted cardigan, Peace Now necklace, GLP skirt, F21 cardi
First day of dance practice today! I signed up to do senior girls' homecoming dance for the skit, but I signed up about three weeks ago and never got an email about meetings. So I missed who knows how many meetings now. I got my first email on Saturday, with an apology. I went to the meeting today, but I really am far behind.

The co-ed dance started today, so halfway through their practice, I decided it would be better to be in that one rather than the girls' dance. Also, we're dancing to Gaga so that's a major plus. I have a hard time keeping up, since I missed the first half. Watching instead of actually doing it doesn't help much. For the record, I'm not very good at dancing. I like dancing (and music) a whole lot. They're right under my art-and-fashion category in my list of favorite things. But I have talent in neither dance or music. I can't sing well, and have a hard time learning dances. I'm trying to learn Super Junior and 4minute dances through Youtube, and it's not working. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up in the next few sessions. Gaaaagaaaaa.

It was cold this morning. Even with two cardigans, it was still pretty cold. I wanted to wear my skirt, but it was so cold. I can't just wear tights or legging and be alright. So I threw on a pair of jeans. I'm kind of against skirts with pants (it doesn't seem right) but since my skirt is that short anyway, I wore both.

This morning while I was checking the weather and eating breakfast, I went and checked Court Records. Phoenix Wright/Professor Layton crossover! I'll admit I'm not much of a gamer. I can't play those RPGs where you have to fight monsters because I can't win. But I love visual novel games. Phoenix Wright is my favorite game, and Professor Layton is pretty high on my list too. So I'm excited for this crossover game! I'll bust my walled and buy a Nintendo 3DS just for this.

Aw man stomachache.

Love, Kai

Monday, October 18, 2010

what a coincidence.

Now about the cat sweater dress I got at the thrift store on Saturday. Funny thing. I was just browsing a bit on for the first time in a while and saw it! Shock!
Photo from Sechuna.
I didn't realize because it doesn't come with tags. Why do I feel like it looks huger on me than it does on the model? It's supposedly free-size.

Sorry, short entry today.

As a bit of an extra. I finished my annotated bibliography yesterday, which is due tomorrow. I printed it out and everything yesterday, and then my teacher gives us more information today that she didn't say on Friday, when it was assigned. It's like teachers want us to do things last minute. Alright, that's it.

Love, Kai.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

gloomy weather gets me down a bit.

I have nothing against cloudy days-or rainy days, even, though they are kind of inconvenient. But on those kind of days, I get nostalgic and on occasion, behave strangely. I don't understand it much myself.
Mostly yesterday's events. I didn't take any pictures yesterday because it was dark and nothing was coming out well. It's dark today too, but I got some picturers. I went to the mall to pick up my Sephora gift yesterday, and stayed an extra hour or two to just shop around. Malls are torture. I decided yesterday that malls aren't the place for me. The thing is, it's not that I can't find anything I like there. Quite the opposite. I walk into a shop and BAM automatically, my eyes spot something that I HAVE TO HAVE. Until I see the price tag. Dangit.

I try not to stay too long at Forever21, with all the things they have. I stick to the jewelry section and quickly run through some of the clothes. Ended up spending $24 on two pieces of jewelry and also bought a striped cardigan (I threw it in the wash, so not pictures).It's rare for me to buy silver jewelry. But that bracelet, crystal studded pyramid spikes! I can't pass that.The necklace was almost $13, the most I've spent on a necklace in two years. That probably says something about me.Here's a picture I took for my poupee, but I like it so I'm posting it here too.

I'm still searching for my perfect military trend jacket. My friend told me that Gap was selling some, so I went to see. I've never been too keen on Gap, so I didn't expect to find anything I liked. But as soon as I walked in, I must have found $200 worth of things I wanted, right on the spot. At Aldo, I found the perfect pair of engineer boots (gosh, I neeeddd those) for $130, and the $80 pair of oxfords that I've wanted since they came out. Still waiting for a sale. Then the two circle scarves at Express. There was a sequin one and a printed one, and I want them both. I didn't get them because I figured I could get a coupon instead of paying $30 for both. Then I went home and checked the website, and they were on sale for $20 each there. Hngggg. Oh right, Express also has a military jacket I want, at $160ish.

And then at Ann Taylor, I passed by their window and walked in because of the necklace on the poster.$130, which, I guess, isn't terrible for such an intricate necklace. But I went in to see the real deal, and the pearls just scream fake. Fake pearls are nice too, just not worth $130.

Then at Nordstrom. The Vince jacket I want for $400. I went to Nordstrom in search of Butter London polish. Apparently they don't carry it in the stores, but I can order online and pick it up in the stores. I might have to do that because there aren't Ultas readily available for me. As I was leaving, I thought of checking the scarves section just for the heck of it. AND THERE IT WAS.MCQUEENSCARF. I was convinced that Nordstrom didn't have Alexander Mcqueen anything. Besides his sunglasses and a couple pair of Puma shoes, the website doesn't carry Mcqueen.

When I go shopping, I like to wear the comfiest clothes possible, so it would be easy to change clothes if I want to use the fitting room. But I always regret it. In the higher end shops, it doesn't take a genius to tell that the store people treat me like I'm 14. They talk to me in that tone-Honey, do you need any help? As in "what are you doing here, you can't afford anything anyway." I think maybe next time I'll dress my age, without the hoodies and cotton pants.

When my mom came to pick me up, she asked if I wanted to go thrifting. And considering my disappointment with not being able to afford anything, I readily agreed.I bought four things yesterday. 1. A floral printed maxi skirt, which is probably seven sizes too big for me. I want to make them into pants. I'm terrible at sewing, but it's worth a shot. 2. A Bitten by SJP top. It's a large, but it's pretty darn small. Feels like a small, at least. or maybe kid's size. More like kids size. 3. Vertical stripe skirt. I love this skirt. It's like 5 sizes too small for me, but I still bought it anyway. That's how much I like it. It really is too small though. Feels like a 000. 4. Cat sweater. I laughed when I saw this. It's huge, and I'm not sure what it's supposed to be. I tried it on with my hoodie yesterday and liked how it looked so I got it.
I think I like it with the hoodie more than the turtleneck. That's about the end for yesterday. I went home with a headache. I get migraines every time I go shopping.

Today? Mmmn. I finished coloring that folder picture.
Colored pencil alone wasn't convincing me, so I added in some pastels and markers.

Also went to Borders today. 40% off coupons are amazing. I always have the urge to go when I have a coupon. Borders is tempting. Their magazine section is amazing. There aren't many places where I can find Vogue Italia, British Vogue, and Vogue Nippon. I always flip through them, but I've yet to buy one. I don't even subscribe to Vogue, because I can never find the subscription price on sale.

Oh, right. I got a computer virus yesterday. Deathly paranoid now.

Love, Kai

Friday, October 15, 2010

oh look a sale.

I always have a difficult time choosing what to wear in the morning. For the most part, it's still pretty chilly in the morning. Recently, afternoons have been hot. I have the hardest time deciding whether or not to wear long sleeves.
pointelle cardigan, Byer Too! Vintage romper: thrifted
I went with long sleeves with holes today. I can never stand to wear this cardigan on cold days. It does absolutely nothing for me unless I wear a long sleeve top underneath. I almost never wear this romper either. On cold days, it's too breezy. The material is thin. On hot days, I don't wear it because I have to wear it with something over it. The sleeves are a bit puffy, to give the strong shoulders look. I'm really petite, and that look doesn't work on me. I love rompers, but it's so troublesome to use the restroom. It would be nice if it were a dress.

About that sale. Book sale this weekend! My mom works at the library, so there are some perks. I go with her to choose out books and things before the general public do.

There aren't as many fiction books as I would like. I rarely find books I'm looking for. There are quite a few reference and informational books. I participate in the $3 brown bag sale sometimes. On the Sunday of the book sale, you purchase a large brown bag for $3 and fill it up with whatever you'd like. Last year, I bought two bags and went home with a new dictionary, two dictionary-sized law books, several classics, Shakespeare, American history timeline series, that kind of stuff.

I went early today, and didn't find any books that I wanted. Ended up getting an Airbud DVD for my little brother, a Spongebob GameCube game, Kingdom Hearts I, Pirates of the Caribbean I and II, and a Michael Jackson This Is It CD.

This is another picture taken on my phone. I was going through pictures on my phone, deleting ones I don't need anymore.
I've wanted a military green jacket for the longest time. Two years ago, I couldn't find them in any stores in the US. I found this one early this year at Aritzia, and wanted to buy it. It was on sale, from $100 to $90. Hah. Over my budget. So I waited for a bigger markdown, which never happened. And then they sold out.

There's also that one from Vince that I would love to have. But $400 is kind of really over my budget. I haven't been to the mall in a pretty long time, so maybe I'll get lucky and find one that I like in my price range.

Whenever I see find old pictures of me with long hair, I really start to miss it all. I love my short hair too, but. But. I don't even know what. I also miss having black hair sometimes. Especially because my hair looks orange under the sun sometimes. I'd like ash brown.

Mmnnn sleepy.

Love, Kai

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I always miss the sunrise. One time, I woke up at 4am, and thought maybe I'll wait and watch the sunrise from my window. At six, it was still dark. And then by seven, it was already bright outside. I must have been watching in the wrong direction. Oh, silly me.
I was walking from the car to my class this morning and saw this. Immediately, I stopped and rummaged through my backpack for my cell phone, since I don't carry my camera with me. I haven't seen pretty clouds like that in a long time either. Sunrise has been around 7:15 lately. This was taken around 7:25. I'm used to the sun rising around the time I wake up, but it's pitch black every morning when I wake up now.

Oh oh! Today at school, the snack bar was selling new products. There was ice cream and Haagen Daz mango sorbet and other things. Among those things was my favorite frozen snack as a kid.
Itzakadoozies! Yes! I can't believe they sell these. All of the supermarkets in this area stopped carrying them years ago, so I haven't had one since elementary school. There's something strange about this one, though. The flavors labeled are lemon, cherry, grape and orange. In the original kind I used to buy, there was lime instead of grape.

I cut my hair again today. It's probably not too noticeable. I took a picture of the back of my head because I wanted to see what it looked like. At the Target fitting rooms, there are huge mirrors, and you can see your back too. I think those are really cool because I don't often get the opportunity to see my back.
I actually like how my hair looks in the back more than the front. Today,I saw more pictures of pretty long hair. Sorrrrt of want to get that long hairstyle too, but I also like my hair short. So conflicting!

Normally, I think I end by saying something like I have to do homework, but I actually don't have homework today. I finished poetry unit today (yes!!), and my Japanese test was over today too.

Oh wait I have econ homework. Never mind. I guess I'll go do that then.

Love, Kai