Saturday, October 2, 2010

not for the rain.

Happy October to you all! Gosh, October already. It's going to be 2011 before I know it. Here's today's outfit. My family and I go out for lunch on weekends. I was told after I finished changing from my pajamas that we're staying home today.
polka dot shorts, Simply Vera top, 3/4 sleeve cardigan: all thrifted. shoes: Taiwan underground mall parasol: MAM, Kera Shop Arena Osaka

I think I might have mentioned before that I have sun and heat sensitivity. I promised myself this year that I would take my parasols with me when I go out, but I haven't been keeping that promise all the time because it's quite a hassle to lug it around with me everywhere.

I have a white collapsible parasol too, but whenever I take that with me, I end up forgetting it somewhere. Luckily, it's come back to me each time I lost it.

Whenever I do take my parasols with me, there's always someone who tells me that it's not raining. I tell them I have sun allergies (which it is, just nothing too serious), just to make it simple.

My dad gave me some pocket money as an early birthday present. When he gave it to me, I was all set to use it on the Mcqueen scarf I wanted. And then I started talking myself out of it. I don't know what I'll do now. Maybe clean out my closet, sell some old things, and then decide.

Oh right, I bought some new shoes online recently. Hopefully that will arrive later today. I can't be sure because the seller has not contacted me for a full week now. Bad service. Hoping for the best.

Here's a bit of an edit. I figured that since I wasn't going anywhere with the family today, I'd wear this skirt with the outfit instead. I've been wanting to wear it with an outfit.

Love, Kai


the stylista said...

I love your blog, i have just started a blog to please follow tommorrow i will be posting more off my outfits so check it out x

ワリス said...

Thanks for checking out my blog :3

I LOVE that parasol <3 My sister has sun allergies too, and she hates takes parasols for the same reason. I don't know how many we've had to replace due to forgetfulness XD

Hope those online shoes come in!

lady sélénite said...

this skirt with spiderwebs hanged is amazing ! Where did you get that ? I love all the outfit by the way, the parasol make it perfect !

Kaiami said...

Lady Selenite: Thanks! I bought it from a girl in Germany. She bought it from GLP. Here's their website, if you're interested.

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