Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the one I'd like to wear the most.

We're voting for class sweatshirts and I'm having a really difficult time choosing. The instructions say to choose the one we'd like to wear the most. Which is difficult because they're all really meh. It makes me wish I designed one. I try to avoid designing things for large groups of people because I'm sort of really thin skinned and don't take insults well. These are the two I've narrowed down to, out of the fifteen.
The top one is definitely most wearable. The bottom one, I almost chose because it made me chuckle. Also, I want a sweater with my name on it. Maybe I'll just make one myself. Our class council told us that we can make metallic prints this year. I would have loved a metallic print sweater. Too late for that, I guess. I guess I'll make that myself too.

Love, Kai


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