Thursday, October 7, 2010

thanks for telling me.

Today while I was in the car, my mother said something in the lines of "what the hell are you wearing?" Or a ruder way of saying "you look weird." Supportive. You know how mothers are supposed to teach their children not to say anything if they don't have anything nice to say? I told her that, and she brushed it off, replying with "I'm just telling you now so it hurts less when other people tell you that." Really, the only person I get insults from is my mom.
skirt, jacket, lace: thrifted, top: Peace Now
You'd think she'd be used to me wearing whatever I want. But she still freaks out whenever I wear an accessory in my hair. Which doesn't make much sense. I've had my fair share of large bows in the past few years. I don't mind terribly that I don't have her support, but I sort of wish she wouldn't be so open about it.This is the lace thing that I used as a collar-scarf today. It's the lace that I bought from the garage sale a few weeks back. I try to refrain from using the word thing, but I just had a brain fart and I can't remember the word for lace thing.
Whenever I wake up, the right side of my hair flips out. I hate it when it does that. Even if I use my curler or straightener, it still flips back out. Here's a picture from yesterday, before it flipped.
Oh, right. Planning on painting on these jeans. They're really boring, just blue like that. Paint or stud or something. Just make it less plain.

While I'm on the topic of paint, I was totally raging all today. I can't even count how many times I've discovered paint on my clothing due to art class. The majority of the times, it's not even my paint. In fact, I wasn't even in the painting area today. But my neighbor was painting something today, and keeps moving his brush AND the helmet he's painting right next to me. Not right next to me as in a foot away, but right next to me as in two inches away. I did scoot away plenty of times, but he still manages to get paint on me.

It was my jacket and my pencil pouch today.
Here's the victim.
I love my pencil pouch. Naturally, I started raging when I noticed. GRAAWWHHHHHNNGGG right there, in econ.
Poor little guy, looks like he's eaten grass. Luckily, I found the stain removal spray right when I got home and did the laundry. It's mostly gone by now.

It's kind of late now. I prefer blogging when I get home, but I promised myself that I would finish my homework before doing whatever on the internet. I did keep my promise, but it took forever to finish because of the printer. For some reason, I'm trying to print yellow but my printer keeps printing me pink. So everything that was yellow (the background) turned pink. I have no problem with pink. I like pink. But I designed it for my group project, and I'm sure there would be people who'd object to pink.

Almost twelveeeee. I'm going to be so knocked out tomorrow. I guess that means I wont study for SATs.

Love, Kai


ƚみのりƚ said...

omg!! the skeleton shirt kileed me!!
i love skeletons, i love hard rock, and goth!!
wow i want a same!!!!
thanks for answer and sorry for late reply♥
so well,,,, i'm half japanese because my father is, and my mother is ecuadorian.♥
so taht's the reason why i can talk 3languages♥

breugels said...

I am sorry but I love the story with your mum. I think I know how that feels like.

ƚみのりƚ said...

ohh your answer is on my blog!
let's keep on touch, oki?
Have a nice day!!
and once again, I'm jealous with your blouse!

Kaiami said...

Thank you for the comments!

Minori: I bought it in Bodyline Osaka a couple years back. It was 3000円 when I bough it, and then dropped down to 2200円 later on. Mixed heritage, that's super cool! I'd like to become trilingual. I'm learning Japanese, but I'm not very good yet.

lady sélénite said...

Hey mommy ! Your girl is so awesome ! So relax !

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