Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I like my shoes but they make my feet hurt.

The shoes I wore today are totally comfortable if I'm just wearing them. But when I'm walking in them, occasionally I get the feeling that my feet are bleeding. I almost had to walk back from school in these. I don't know if that's possible without walking barefoot.lace and shoes from garage sale, Mulberry for Target bag, top and cardi from Goodwill, pants from Taiwan night market
Today, I wanted to use my Mulberry Target bag for school, but my school things didn't fit. I don't even have that many things. Just one half inch binder, a spiral notebook, workbook, small paperback textbook, a pencil pouch, and two folders. Kind of sad, considering my vintage bag and Betsey Johnson bag can both fit all of my things. It is the ideal size for my shopping days, though.
Trying to take pictures in a new location. The background is really messy, even though I cropped most of the mess out. Somehow, I feel like this place makes me look um. Shorter. That top picture makes me feel 12 instead of 18.

Right, I think I said something about these shoes I bought online a while ago. They're finally here, joy! After two weeks.Modernized Victorian style boots! I would never be able to wear real Victorian boots. There was a gorgeous pair at the flea market a few months back, and gosh, they're narrow. My feet can't fit in those. There must have been people with wide feet back in the day. How did they wear them. Or maybe they didn't. Yeah, maybe.

I'm probably going to be working on this all day today. It's my folder that I'm turning in to my teacher, who is writing a recommendation letter for me. At first I just wanted to doodle on the folder instead of just writing my name, but then I thought that looked too boring. Then I figured I should finish since it would be discourteous to leave a drawing unfinished like that. She'd be able to tell which folder is mine, at the very least. More effective than writing a name (though my name is on it too). January 5th is the day my first private college deadline.
It's been way too long since I last used my colored pencils. I think the last time I used them might have been in 6th grade. Or maybe 7th. It's been a while, in any case. For the first few minutes of coloring, I was really happy to use them. They really do bring back memories. And then I got annoyed. Coloring with colored pencils takes forever. I'd much rather stick with watercolors and markers.

I don't like coloring because I'm in constant fear of messing up. It's alright with photoshop, since I can just go back and erase anything I mess up on. But traditional media makes me paranoid. I actually like the sketch better.The feeling is kind of different. I like seeing other people's art in color, but I often prefer the sketches of my things over the finished product. I'm not sure why that is.

Over and out.

Love, Kai


sabrina said...

Oh, the painful price of beauty! Although, those shoes do *look* comfortable but looks can be deceiving lol.

The sketch does have a more rustic, melancholic feel to it. I like better, to be honest.

Anonymous said...

Great lace handkerchief.
I love seeing you artwork. Did you come up with that composition and subject on the spot? It seems like something that would need much planning and erasing to perfect. I myself prefer b&w drawings but the color you added did not take away from the drawing at all.

Look forward to seeing more art!

Kaiami said...

Hello Sabu! Ahh yes. I really can't get far with them. I sit down every five minutes when wearing them. I think the fit isn't meant for me.

Thank you, Care! I wanted to draw something, but I didn't know what, so I just drew a head and went with whatever came to mind. I wanted to draw lotuses, so I added lotuses. And then I thought cranes might be cool too. I'm not all too good at planning things ahead.

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