Friday, October 15, 2010

oh look a sale.

I always have a difficult time choosing what to wear in the morning. For the most part, it's still pretty chilly in the morning. Recently, afternoons have been hot. I have the hardest time deciding whether or not to wear long sleeves.
pointelle cardigan, Byer Too! Vintage romper: thrifted
I went with long sleeves with holes today. I can never stand to wear this cardigan on cold days. It does absolutely nothing for me unless I wear a long sleeve top underneath. I almost never wear this romper either. On cold days, it's too breezy. The material is thin. On hot days, I don't wear it because I have to wear it with something over it. The sleeves are a bit puffy, to give the strong shoulders look. I'm really petite, and that look doesn't work on me. I love rompers, but it's so troublesome to use the restroom. It would be nice if it were a dress.

About that sale. Book sale this weekend! My mom works at the library, so there are some perks. I go with her to choose out books and things before the general public do.

There aren't as many fiction books as I would like. I rarely find books I'm looking for. There are quite a few reference and informational books. I participate in the $3 brown bag sale sometimes. On the Sunday of the book sale, you purchase a large brown bag for $3 and fill it up with whatever you'd like. Last year, I bought two bags and went home with a new dictionary, two dictionary-sized law books, several classics, Shakespeare, American history timeline series, that kind of stuff.

I went early today, and didn't find any books that I wanted. Ended up getting an Airbud DVD for my little brother, a Spongebob GameCube game, Kingdom Hearts I, Pirates of the Caribbean I and II, and a Michael Jackson This Is It CD.

This is another picture taken on my phone. I was going through pictures on my phone, deleting ones I don't need anymore.
I've wanted a military green jacket for the longest time. Two years ago, I couldn't find them in any stores in the US. I found this one early this year at Aritzia, and wanted to buy it. It was on sale, from $100 to $90. Hah. Over my budget. So I waited for a bigger markdown, which never happened. And then they sold out.

There's also that one from Vince that I would love to have. But $400 is kind of really over my budget. I haven't been to the mall in a pretty long time, so maybe I'll get lucky and find one that I like in my price range.

Whenever I see find old pictures of me with long hair, I really start to miss it all. I love my short hair too, but. But. I don't even know what. I also miss having black hair sometimes. Especially because my hair looks orange under the sun sometimes. I'd like ash brown.

Mmnnn sleepy.

Love, Kai


Jessie said...

Hey I think you hair is cool. I always want to have a short hair. Cheers :)

jessie xx

Marlena said...

Super cute outfit! As impractical as rompers are I still wear them on an almost daily basis (in the summer anyway).

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