Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I'm not completely sure why, but purple is one of those colors that I'm not very fond of. It's about the same level as orange. They're both nice colors, but I don't like to wear them (I'm pretty sure yellow and orange don't look very attractive on me). So I was convinced that I didn't have any purple to wear.

After rummaging through my closet and my mom's closet, I was unable to find any purple. So I wore these tights, which has the most purple I could find.
sweater: thrift. leggings: Aritzia
The dark parts of the flowers are shadowed with a plum purple. I felt so lame at school. Everyone who was wearing purple had legit purple, not my poor excuse of purple-in-the-form-of-shadows.

It wasn't until I went home and looked through the left side of my closet that I realized I have a purple dress. SAY WHATTTT.
Kind of mad at myself. I'm debating whether or not to wear it tomorrow to make up for not wearing it today, or just not wear it at all, since the meaning is gone.

I need more English songs in my iPod. I put the whole Eminem CD in recently, and really tempted to cut it out. So much angry. Being a Linkin Park fan and all, I got their latest CD too, but I'm a little disappointed (maybe that's an understatement). Out of the 15 songs on their CD, I only like two of them. Oh, Chester. I miss those old songs.

Love, Kai


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Bunny said...

Sorry for posting again, on the same day. I just thought this look was adorable!(n_n)
I love pink roses, on black. Where'd you get the sweater?!
I hate when when my fave artists don't deliver, on a new album. I just let it go, and wait it out for the next one, while listening to the old stuff(;_;)
Ty 4 posting!

Kaiami said...

Thank you for commenting! It makes me really happy. I got the sweater from Goodwill. The brand it called Designers Originals.

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