Tuesday, October 19, 2010

cherry cherry boom boom.

thrifted cardigan, Peace Now necklace, GLP skirt, F21 cardi
First day of dance practice today! I signed up to do senior girls' homecoming dance for the skit, but I signed up about three weeks ago and never got an email about meetings. So I missed who knows how many meetings now. I got my first email on Saturday, with an apology. I went to the meeting today, but I really am far behind.

The co-ed dance started today, so halfway through their practice, I decided it would be better to be in that one rather than the girls' dance. Also, we're dancing to Gaga so that's a major plus. I have a hard time keeping up, since I missed the first half. Watching instead of actually doing it doesn't help much. For the record, I'm not very good at dancing. I like dancing (and music) a whole lot. They're right under my art-and-fashion category in my list of favorite things. But I have talent in neither dance or music. I can't sing well, and have a hard time learning dances. I'm trying to learn Super Junior and 4minute dances through Youtube, and it's not working. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up in the next few sessions. Gaaaagaaaaa.

It was cold this morning. Even with two cardigans, it was still pretty cold. I wanted to wear my skirt, but it was so cold. I can't just wear tights or legging and be alright. So I threw on a pair of jeans. I'm kind of against skirts with pants (it doesn't seem right) but since my skirt is that short anyway, I wore both.

This morning while I was checking the weather and eating breakfast, I went and checked Court Records. Phoenix Wright/Professor Layton crossover! I'll admit I'm not much of a gamer. I can't play those RPGs where you have to fight monsters because I can't win. But I love visual novel games. Phoenix Wright is my favorite game, and Professor Layton is pretty high on my list too. So I'm excited for this crossover game! I'll bust my walled and buy a Nintendo 3DS just for this.

Aw man stomachache.

Love, Kai


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