Monday, October 25, 2010

maybe I should just stop wearing heels.

Perhaps I'm just not used to walking in heels (wedges are fine). But every time I do, I always have some kind of problem. Last time, it hurts to walk. This time, walking is just difficult. Inconvenient. My strides are short and awkward. While I'm at it, maybe I'll stop wearing long skirts too. I mean, back when I used to wear flared pants and sweats, I'd always find a way to trip over on them. It's inevitable that I'd trip on long skirts just as, if not more often.
shoes: online seller, tank top: Wet Seal, cardigan, scarf, skirt: thrifted
Actually, this morning I was wearing the skirt all the way down to my shoes, but I continuously stepped on my skirt while getting up from sitting, so I hitched it up to where my armpits are. Yeah, it's that long. My armpits are kind of really itchy right now. I wonder if that has anything to do with anything.

Oh right. This is the skirt that I bought that's like 7 sizes too big for me. My goal is to make them 7 sizes smaller and make them into harem pants. But the thing is, I can't sew. I mean. I can, technically, but definitely not well. Somehow, I manage to jam the sewing machine every couple minutes. It's like a magical jamming power that I have. Not exactly the most useful superpower. I thought maybe it was because I have a lower end sewing machine, but then I remembered that I took sewing one summer for a couple weeks, and jammed their $1000 sewing machines there too. No one else jams their machines. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Anyhoo, I quit that class because my teacher was racist against Asians, and is equally against disabled kids. The poor girl who sat in back of my received the same treatment. Shame, I would have liked to know how to sew well.

I'm throwing this picture-to-text ratio totally off. More pictures!

I'm thinking of getting French or Italian Vogue, but they aren't cheap. I know, that I can just find pictures and inpiration online, but I love physical copies of things. Like for music, I have to buy the CD instead of buying the digital albums. I still buy books at bookstores, and magazine subscriptions even though my bookshelf has been full for ages.
These are all the magazines that I don't have room for, separated into the American magazines pile and Asian magazines. Taiwanese Vogue isn't all that, but it came with a free metalic Mango tote. Recently I got a subscription to Elle too. I hadn't been meaning to, but my dad asked me one day if I was subscribed, which I wasn't, and then he bought me a subscription. Two years for $5! That's $2.50 a year! Oh joy. I really do need a new shelf. That, or sell half my books.

I'm tired. I took a nap yesterday evening and missed dance practice because of it. And then went to sleep at 10:30. I'm still tired.

PS, note to self. I need to take a trip to H&M asap.
PPS, I need a new blog title.
PPPS, I got one of these a while ago and never put this link up so technically I haven't claimed it yet. Not too late. Follow my blog with bloglovin

Love, Kai


Salmah said...

I love your sense of style which is kind of like mine but no two people can be alike and oh I also have a blog can you check it out if you want, thx

hiven said...

love these!
send me your un-wanted magazines ;)
x enter my giveaway?

Salmah said...

No me, lol

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