Tuesday, October 5, 2010

18 is the new 80.

I lost count of how many "woah you're old!" comments I got today. Actually I get those every year, because my birthday is earlier than the majority of everyone in my grade. But this is my first year getting that from my teacher. Haha

Several people asked me what I was going to do today to celebrate, and I honestly couldn't think of anything. My mom bought me a bouquet stargazer lilies. She hates them, but she knows that I like them. My dad walked into my room after he returned home from work, and then started started singing happy birthday until he had a cough attack, and then walked away.

I got a couple cards and cookies from some friends at school, and two people who conducted group singing. I thought long and hard about what to do to celebrate. Celebrated by doing no homework today! Whooo rebel. I'll do it all tomorrow. And then opened that bag of Chupa Chups that I've been holding off on. And then cut my hair.
I love this pack because it comes with pretty much all the flavors I want. Cola, grape, strawberry, and strawberries and cream. I don't quite understand why America doesn't manufacture these. My pack is from Taiwan. My friend who went to London this summer also bought me a pack, because she knows that I was hunting them down earlier this year. Some of the other ones are from little candy shops in the area. It kind of takes a while to find the shops. I don't like the flavors that I get here as much though ( 'sept orange and cherry are pretty good).

I was planning on not posting this picture today because I didn't have time to put together an outfit this morning. But this is the only picture I have right before I cut my hair. I don't know if it's noticeable in the picture (I think so, at least), but when my hair grows out to this length, it has a mind of its own. Flipping in whatever direction tickles its fancy. It's been really bothering me for a while, so I took about 30 or 40 minutes to cut it today.

Off topic for a bit. I should really open my winter boxes soon. The temperature dropped from the 80's and 90's range to 60's and low 70's recently. It feels more like 50's and 60's to me. So the thing is, all of my long sleeves and sweaters are stored in my off season boxes, and I haven't unpacked those yet, since the weather was still super warm up until this week. This morning, I spent 40 minutes doing I-don't-know-what. Looking through my drawers, looking for my sweaters that I don't have out, except for the grey cardi I wore yesterday.

Back on topic.
I don't know if anyone can tell the difference at all. I actually did cut quite a bit. As I was sweeping up, it looked like about 1/5th of my hair was on the floor. I got most of the fluff and weight off. Some parts are a bit choppy, since I'm not super experienced. I suppose I'll find time to go for a haircut, maybe get a new style.

When I finished cutting, I was called to dinner. I though to myself "I'll bet my life that my mom wont be able to tell I cut my hair." And when I was eating, she said nothing. She walked into the restroom afterwards and asked me "WHERE DID ALL THAT HAIR COME FROM." Hahaha from my head, of course.

I think maybe I'll make a trip to the mall sometime soon for some fall-weather approved clothes. Mmmnn my stomach kind of hurts.

Love, Kai


Tiffany Liang said...

I left you long comment but closed window too soon.
I summarize.

1. MAYA HAIR! :DD I can so notice.
2. Happy birthday again!
3. I eat yogurt.

SiS said...

i love chipa chups! :)

lady sélénite said...

Personaly my favorite chupachups are the milky ones, in France we have a pack of that, well, I can say that I'm addicted...

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