Wednesday, October 27, 2010

for you, a thousand times over.

This was supposed to be yesterday's post, but the image upload wasn't working, so I drafted it yesterday and put in the pictures today. I sat around for a while, hoping the images would start loading, and wasted those three hours doing just that. I tried this morning when I woke up too, and it wasn't working. Uploading in class right now.

Yesterday was pink day at school, promoting breast cancer awareness. I don't like to wear pink too much because it doesn't go well with my skin tone. Same thing goes for most light colors. Half of my closet is pink and cream colors, but I always opt out on wearing them, and go with black instead. I guess that's why I'm wearing black with my pink.
top from Taiwan (only $3!), cardigan from thrift, HUE tights, Victorian Maiden parasol

I absolutely adore these tights. They're like a work of art. I haven't worn them since I bought it because I tried them on as soon as I bought them, stretched them out too far, and ripped a hole in them. It was a terrible large hole. But for some reason, I couldn't find the hole when I wore it. Magic.

I finished reading Kite Runner on Sunday, though we
were only supposed to read up to chapter 10. I couldn't put it down, and I don't like following reading schedules, so I zipped through it. This is a picture that I drew for class.
Portraying the dream scene in chapter 7. It was a good book. When I have time, I'll read Splendid Suns too.

Looking through shoes. I want to get a new pair of boots because my old pair is really wearing out. I don't blame them, since I wear them all too often. Every time I pass by Aldo, I think about getting this pair.
But they're much over my budget. If these were ever on sale for 50% off, then maybe.

And then there's this pair that I stumbled upon while browsing Net a Porter. I should really stay away from that website. It's almost 10 times more costly than the Aldo ones.
And then there's these Vivienne rocking horse sandals. I don't think I'd wear them all too often if I were to get them, but they are amazingggg. Reminds me of Hermes, the god. Not the brand. They're affordable, especially for Vivienne Westwood. It'd still be a splurge for me though.
And Docs! I'm dying to get a pair of Docs. I did find a basic black pair at a store once, on sale for $30! But they were uncomfortable so I didn't get them. It still makes me sad, though. I want these floral ones, since I like floral everything. Can't get enough!
Perhaps I'll save up for just one pair. It's not easy deciding which pair.

PS, had my dentist appointment today. No cavities, heckyes! I have extremely sensitive teeth, and it doesn't help that I need candy as much as I need food. Almost always, I get cavities in those six months. Last time was 7 cavities, and I had to get shots for all of them. This new dentist I switched to gives painful cavity treatments. And each cavity filling costs $130. My parents get fed up with my teeth (I swear, I brush twice a day, floss, and use mouthwash) so I have to pay for half of the costs. I could buy shoes with that money.

Yesssss I finally got those pictures in. Back to classwork.

Love, Kai


Sunshine. said...

Hey, I love your Drawing, it's amazing.
I love your style too, it's very personal I like how you can see your personality through your clothes :). I really like your blog, maybe you could check out mine.


ワリス said...

Omgggg that parasol is gorgeous <3 I feel like I've said that before...maybe about a different parasol..DO I HAVE A THING FOR PARASOLS?!

Anyway, what a cute way to support breast cancer awareness! I've read a bit of Kite Runner, and the drawing you did is amazing!

Anonymous said...

your outfit is amazing.. shoes is the best :) flowers are perfect! :)

Kaiami said...

Thanks for the comments!

Kris: It may have been, since I have a few of them. I adore parasols! When I stop by Baby, I have to tell myself to not buy another one.

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