Wednesday, October 13, 2010

is it hot wearing black in 90 degree weather?

It is, actually. I should have counted the times I got this today. I think, really, it's the layering that gets to me though. I'm so paranoid, one layer isn't good enough for me.
vest, baseball shirt from Forever21. Pants and shoes from Taiwan. Tank from Wet Seal
Funny thing is I wasn't wearing black when I got dressed this morning. Somehow, my outfits always turn black. Bright colors are out of my comfort zone. Maybe it would be a good idea to buy more colors the next time I go shopping.

It's mostly Wednesdays when I take my parasol to school with me, since I only have one class, and the sun is out and burning by the afternoon. I always get the sweetest complements from freshmen. I got 'elegant' in Chinese today. It's one of those times I'm really glad I can understand Chinese, especially because 50% of our school is Asian. I don't think I was dressed particularly elegantly, but the complement made me really happy. Gosh, freshmen are so sweet. I wish I could talk to them. I remember as a freshmen, I would have liked upperclassmen to talk to me. But as an upperclassman now, I'm still shy as ever ahaha OTL.

I have a chapter test tomorrow in Japanese, which I'll need to study for today. And then my slam poetry unit final, which is worth almost as much as an essay. And then I also wasted 4 hours this morning doing pretty much nothing. Arrrrg slap me!

Looks like I should get started..

Love, Kai


tifflia said...

*compliments. :)
Plus it was scorching today, shouldn't have worn sneakers.

Ellinor Forje said...

Nice outfit and cool blog. Come and visit me too soon.


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