Sunday, October 17, 2010

gloomy weather gets me down a bit.

I have nothing against cloudy days-or rainy days, even, though they are kind of inconvenient. But on those kind of days, I get nostalgic and on occasion, behave strangely. I don't understand it much myself.
Mostly yesterday's events. I didn't take any pictures yesterday because it was dark and nothing was coming out well. It's dark today too, but I got some picturers. I went to the mall to pick up my Sephora gift yesterday, and stayed an extra hour or two to just shop around. Malls are torture. I decided yesterday that malls aren't the place for me. The thing is, it's not that I can't find anything I like there. Quite the opposite. I walk into a shop and BAM automatically, my eyes spot something that I HAVE TO HAVE. Until I see the price tag. Dangit.

I try not to stay too long at Forever21, with all the things they have. I stick to the jewelry section and quickly run through some of the clothes. Ended up spending $24 on two pieces of jewelry and also bought a striped cardigan (I threw it in the wash, so not pictures).It's rare for me to buy silver jewelry. But that bracelet, crystal studded pyramid spikes! I can't pass that.The necklace was almost $13, the most I've spent on a necklace in two years. That probably says something about me.Here's a picture I took for my poupee, but I like it so I'm posting it here too.

I'm still searching for my perfect military trend jacket. My friend told me that Gap was selling some, so I went to see. I've never been too keen on Gap, so I didn't expect to find anything I liked. But as soon as I walked in, I must have found $200 worth of things I wanted, right on the spot. At Aldo, I found the perfect pair of engineer boots (gosh, I neeeddd those) for $130, and the $80 pair of oxfords that I've wanted since they came out. Still waiting for a sale. Then the two circle scarves at Express. There was a sequin one and a printed one, and I want them both. I didn't get them because I figured I could get a coupon instead of paying $30 for both. Then I went home and checked the website, and they were on sale for $20 each there. Hngggg. Oh right, Express also has a military jacket I want, at $160ish.

And then at Ann Taylor, I passed by their window and walked in because of the necklace on the poster.$130, which, I guess, isn't terrible for such an intricate necklace. But I went in to see the real deal, and the pearls just scream fake. Fake pearls are nice too, just not worth $130.

Then at Nordstrom. The Vince jacket I want for $400. I went to Nordstrom in search of Butter London polish. Apparently they don't carry it in the stores, but I can order online and pick it up in the stores. I might have to do that because there aren't Ultas readily available for me. As I was leaving, I thought of checking the scarves section just for the heck of it. AND THERE IT WAS.MCQUEENSCARF. I was convinced that Nordstrom didn't have Alexander Mcqueen anything. Besides his sunglasses and a couple pair of Puma shoes, the website doesn't carry Mcqueen.

When I go shopping, I like to wear the comfiest clothes possible, so it would be easy to change clothes if I want to use the fitting room. But I always regret it. In the higher end shops, it doesn't take a genius to tell that the store people treat me like I'm 14. They talk to me in that tone-Honey, do you need any help? As in "what are you doing here, you can't afford anything anyway." I think maybe next time I'll dress my age, without the hoodies and cotton pants.

When my mom came to pick me up, she asked if I wanted to go thrifting. And considering my disappointment with not being able to afford anything, I readily agreed.I bought four things yesterday. 1. A floral printed maxi skirt, which is probably seven sizes too big for me. I want to make them into pants. I'm terrible at sewing, but it's worth a shot. 2. A Bitten by SJP top. It's a large, but it's pretty darn small. Feels like a small, at least. or maybe kid's size. More like kids size. 3. Vertical stripe skirt. I love this skirt. It's like 5 sizes too small for me, but I still bought it anyway. That's how much I like it. It really is too small though. Feels like a 000. 4. Cat sweater. I laughed when I saw this. It's huge, and I'm not sure what it's supposed to be. I tried it on with my hoodie yesterday and liked how it looked so I got it.
I think I like it with the hoodie more than the turtleneck. That's about the end for yesterday. I went home with a headache. I get migraines every time I go shopping.

Today? Mmmn. I finished coloring that folder picture.
Colored pencil alone wasn't convincing me, so I added in some pastels and markers.

Also went to Borders today. 40% off coupons are amazing. I always have the urge to go when I have a coupon. Borders is tempting. Their magazine section is amazing. There aren't many places where I can find Vogue Italia, British Vogue, and Vogue Nippon. I always flip through them, but I've yet to buy one. I don't even subscribe to Vogue, because I can never find the subscription price on sale.

Oh, right. I got a computer virus yesterday. Deathly paranoid now.

Love, Kai


Anonymous said...

The cat sweater is too cute, i love it. And your drawing... omg, it's just stunning, you are very talented!
Love, Goody

クリス said...

For some reason, your blog entries aren't in my blog reel thing D:

Anyway, amazing art! Very jealous.

Ugh, computer viruses. I hope it's not that one where you can't do ANYTHING on your pc without it telling you "no no we can't allow you to do that." Not even ctrl+alt+del will fix it O:<

That was the last virus I had. It was horrible.

Kaiami said...

Goody: Thank you!

Kris: Hahah I went to the dashboard to check, but I don't have you on my followers list. I think that's it. Thank you! The virus I got disguises itself as an anti virus program, and doesn't allow me to open firefox, IE, safari, or chrome without buying something from them. I was able to fix it because I have a Japanese internet browser called Grani that wasn't infected, and googled a fix for it. Gosh, viruses get me scared D:

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