Monday, October 18, 2010

what a coincidence.

Now about the cat sweater dress I got at the thrift store on Saturday. Funny thing. I was just browsing a bit on for the first time in a while and saw it! Shock!
Photo from Sechuna.
I didn't realize because it doesn't come with tags. Why do I feel like it looks huger on me than it does on the model? It's supposedly free-size.

Sorry, short entry today.

As a bit of an extra. I finished my annotated bibliography yesterday, which is due tomorrow. I printed it out and everything yesterday, and then my teacher gives us more information today that she didn't say on Friday, when it was assigned. It's like teachers want us to do things last minute. Alright, that's it.

Love, Kai.


Marlena said...

I thought it looked familiar! What a lucky find *.*

Sheik said...

Most of the time they fit the clothes to make it look its best on the model...@@;

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