Thursday, October 21, 2010

I need better batteries or a better camera.

It's mind blowing how fast my camera sucks up battery life. I replace batteries just about every day, and I only use my camera for around 10 minutes a day. That's how quick the batteries go. I think it's my camera's fault. When I use the battery life reader, the batteries still have some life in them. They just don't work in my camera. It makes it difficult to take pictures.

Miyuki/Tokyo Fashion Co., Taiwan
Today was supposed to be around 65 degrees so I wore my scarf. Occasionally I feel like I'm drowning in it. I have a similar one in a purplish grey too.

A package came in the mail today. Getting packages are so much fun, if only I didn't have to wait for them. I bought a Sexy Dynamite London stripe shirt. Normally, I wouldn't really be into tops like this, but it reminds me of LM.C's Punky Heart Video (LM.C is my favorite band).The fit isn't up to par. There's no stretch in it, and it's too loose in some areas while too tight in others. At least I can wear it, I guess. I suppose it's worth not spending $100 more for the legit one from Groucho.


Love, Kai


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