Monday, October 4, 2010

so length of hair determines gender.

Coolfax. I'd been coloring I picture I drew a while ago, and my brother happened to stop by. I can't remember exactly, but I asked him a question about her hair color, and he blurted out, "THAT'S A GIRL?" Seriously.
So of course, I resort to myself as an example, asking me if my hair style makes me a boy. My brother answered something line lines of "generally, yes." What is this world coming to? Okay, I know it's just him. He's already a middle schooler, goshdangit. I think that's well enough to know that girls don't have to have long hair. Suppose I should stop thinking about it.

I had cake yesterday. My dad likes ice cream cake (I do too, of course. But my dad doesn't like cake-he likes ice cream cake only, with no cake inside), so we got an ice cream cake. It was from Ben and Jerry's, with vanilla and coffee ice cream and cookie in the middle. Which makes it not-really-a-cake. I had my best friends over, whom I haven't seen since school started. My best friend Nana brought me over a birthday present. I can't express how happy I am. She's never been a birthday type, and I feel a bit guilty accepting presents.
She got this teacup nightlight for me, the cutest thing ever. I must have started laughing when I opened it. Now I have a teacup on my wall!
I also got these boots from her.
My mom has been asking me what I wanted for about a month now. Every so often, I have the urge to cough out ALEXANDERMCQUEENSCARF, but I try to hold that back. Successfully.

She and my older brother ended up buying me these bedsheets, because she knows I like floral print items. My dad wasn't sure what to get me, so he gave me money. I have to be sure to separate it from my other money, so I can spend it on something I normally wouldn't buy. LikethatMcqueenscarf. I keep thinking about it, but I've mostly talked myself out of buying it. I think I'll buy myself a dress instead.

Oh, today's outfit. I really do hate laundry. I threw my favorite cardigan into the wash, and then dried it, and then realized that it shrunk two sizes. I managed to stretch it out a bit, closer to the original size. It's not like it doesn't fit or anything. But I'm picky with my outerwear. They have to be oversized.vintage bag , cardigan, and broach from flea market. pants and scarf thrifted
Oh creepy. I'm actually looking at the camera. That never happens. Well, looks like it's off to work now. I got my poetry homework to work on, and some econ homework. Maybe I'll go eat some cake too.

Love, Kai


ワリス said...

that teacup light is amazing! I need me some new bedsheets too >_< Sucks that short hair is considered male only :\ Your hair style is cute though! If anything, I figured male hair shouldn't be passed the ears.

Kaiami said...

Thank you! I do think my hair is pretty long for short hair.

Anonymous said...

i cannot believe you drew that! it is amazing.
bizarre coincidence, i am eating ice cream cake as i read this post and we never have it in the house. weird!

Kaiami said...

Thanks, Care! I've been unsure if I should post my artwork here, especially because I post in other places too. But I'm particularly fond of this one, so I'm really glad you like it!

That is a funny coincidence!

You can expect my house to have ice cream cake every time a birthday is around the corner

the stylista said...

that drawingis amazing i wish i could draw that good !!

Grace Lee said...

You're a GROWN UP now :O
& I'm still just a kid hehe -_-

Grace Lee said...

LOL I love how you updated your 'About Me' section already... EIGHTEEN, GASP! Okay now I'm off to spam your Facebook as well XD

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