Friday, October 29, 2010

my tie is crooked.

I wouldn't make a very good man. I need other people to tie my ties for me. Dressed formal for my presentation in Econ. No black heels or pencil skirts in my closet, so I went with a bow tie.

Today was dress-up-for-Halloween day at school. I took my camera along, but ended up not taking any pictures, so I'll make my blog posts once everyone else's pictures from today are up.

Love, Kai


Tiffany Liang said...

My favorite photo to date! I like the soft lighting. :>
Halloween @ MV is so uneventful...It's pretty sad.
Only way we would dress up would be if extra credit was involved. Hope you did well on your presentation! I hate them, so. :|

Kaiami said...

I like it too! It was originally a dark photo, and then I changed some settings and it looks a lot better. I noticed that Lynbrook had a lot of people who didn't dress up too. We have our events at brunch, and I got to my campus after brunch so I missed it.

Nemo said...

Great outfit & photo! I'm actually dressing up quite the same for Halloween this year, but maybe a bit bloodier. (:

Annushka said...

Wow!!!))) I like this, very nice photo)))
Lovely blog.

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