Sunday, October 10, 2010

m-m-mulberry for Target.

Woke up early this morning to get my Mulberry from Target. I thought I could just walk into the store and walk out within 15 minutes, but it turns out that they weren't even on the shelf when I got there. I checked in the bag section first because it seemed most likely to be there. Nothing. I asked a lady at the checkout, and she replied saying she has no idea what a "Mulberry" is, and pointed me toward the customer service table. I asked the customer service lady and she was totally lost too, and pointed me back to the girl I asked before. Then I asked a lady who looked more authoritative. She was confused too, saying "Mulberry bags? I don't think we have such a thing," but called up someone who was working in the accessories department.

The accessories lady had a paper with pictures of the bag, and said she'd be bringing the boxes out immediately. YES finally. That must have taken a good 15 minutes, at least. It took about another 10 minutes to wait for the boxes to come out. In the meantime, I took a picture of the Sanrio display there.
Cute! Then the lady rolled a shopping cart and put the bags in it as she unpacked them from the boxes. I was hoping to get a picture of them on the shelf, but that didn't happen.
I wanted to get the black crossbody one, but they were a bit too small to fit all the things I need to be able to fit in a bag. And also, crossbody bags look silly on me. I ended up buying the $50 black pebble one. I hadn't planned on getting that one. I didn't think it looked good in the pictures, but it looks really nice in person. My first choice was the black patent one that looks like the Bayswater bag. From the pictures online, I didn't think they'd be so small. Now that I think about it, they had a bigger version on the picture I scanned, but it wasn't in the store or on the website. Sneaky.
Here's my lovely new bag. I like to be able to fit whatever I feel like throwing in in a bag, so the size is pretty ideal. I have been secretly wishing that there would be a few surprise ones. One that looked like the Oak colored leather Alexa bag. I can only wish.

Tight schedule in the morning because right after Target, I had to go to school for Yearbook carwash fundraiser. I was afraid it would be too cold, but it the sun came out. I have patches of rashes from sun exposure now. Oh dear. Not to mention the terrible hat hair. That's one reason I'm not a hat person.
I haven't washed cars since I was seven. It's a lot easier than I remembered. Maybe because I've grown, or maybe because the sponges were huge and we were washing the cars in groups.

I went off to Kinokuniya and thrift shopping in the afternoon. Shipping from Japan to the US takes forever and a day (like a month or so), so it turns out that all of the things I was looking for weren't in stock yet. Oh fun. So I bought some stickers for myself to make up for the not-getting-what-I-needed.I think maybe I'll stick a couple on my computer.

Also went thrifting. I wanted to go to Salvation Army, but the store wasn't open. Maybe it's not open on Sundays? I have no idea. There wasn't a sign for hours..or any signs at all, for that matter. I went to Goodwill instead. Today wasn't spectacular. There wasn't anything in particular that I thought was a great find. Not like last time, when I found a pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes. I was so excited, except I there wasn't even a slight chance of them ever fitting me. If I recall, they were 3 full sizes too big.
I got a furry cardigan and a lacy pleated tank.
I'm being scolded for not being at the dinner table right this second, so I better get a move on.

Love, Kai


サブ said...

Oh, how I envy Americans for having Target! In Canada we call it 'Targé' for it carries so many fine items (eg. the Mulberry bag you got, it's very cute :3)

Ellinor Forje said...

The bag is a must have. Nice nlog. Come and visit me too, soon.

KcomeKarolina said...

love this bag!!!

i just bumped into your blog! i love it!

xoxo from rome

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