Saturday, October 23, 2010

eating from the bag isn't a good idea.

My friend stopped by my house to work on a project on Friday, and brought some snacks with her. I was eating from the bag today, thinking I'd only eat a few bites, and then mindlessly ate the whole bag. Whoops. I noticed I do this a little bit too often.
Oh and there's a phrase book my mom bought. The phrases are actually pretty useful. Let's see... kuruma ga kowaremashita, my car broke down. Kekkon shiteimasuka? Are you married? Kono ireba o naose masuka? Can you repair this denture? Some useful phrases.

Oh yay, another outfit. I went to Kinokuniya today, and a nice old Japanese lady commented on how much she likes my leggings. I love sweet older people!
thrifted sweater, skirt borrowed from a friend
My best friends in the world came to visit me today. Originally, I had dance practice, but because it was so last minute, I didn't go. So I did a bit of shopping and had friends visit later in the day. They teamed up and bought me a Juicy laptop bag for my birthday!
Affffffff gosh I love my friends. I unclipped the heart fob that was on my Mulberry Target bag and clipped it onto this bag. I know a lot of people don't like the heart fob, but I think it's pretty darn cute. But it does look better on my Juicy than it does the Mulberry.

While they were over, one friend showed me a fail J Biebs video
Note to those out there who are thinking about it: don't get a Chinese character tatooed on yourself until you make sure it's written correctly (and know the meaning of it). Here's what it's supposed to look like.
The middle part is done totally wrong, which is ridiculous. The sudden Oriental theme to the video makes no sense at all. In the video, suddenly, these Oriental girls with fans pop up and dance with Biebs and Usher. It's kind of sort of hilarious that a professional music video would have such a mistake.

Crud it's tomorrow already.
And I haven't done any homework. Except reading 5 chapters ahead in Kite Runner. Woops. No spoilers, please.

Love, Kai


TP said...

Love the outfit. Why did your mom give you this books?

Bunny said...

I love Justin B, but that video was an Epic Fail for me. My younger sister liked the dancing, but she agreed the whole thing didn't make a lot of sense(u-u). It was more like a collage of things liked, and pasted.
I love the Juicy bag!! And your sweater was really cute. I mentioned your blog on my Tumblr( hope that's okay.(^o^)y

Kaiami said...

TP: Thanks! My mom works at the library and gets cheap or free donated books that the library doesn't want. She knows I'm taking Japanese in school, so that's probably why.

Bunny: I don't often watch music videos, so that was pretty funny. I haven't watched any of his other videos, but I think I'll just stick with listening to the songs on my iPod. Oh my, thank you! That's sweet of you♥

Jean said...

I know exactly what you mean by the contents of snack bags magically disappearing! I don't care about eating the whole bag, but if I do, I at least like to enjoy it and KNOW that I'm eating the whole thing...

Those phrases are pretty useful indeed, haha! I will surely use them one of these days.

I like your style, and the title of your blog is brilliant. Exactly how it is.

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