Friday, May 13, 2011

forget about everything and run away.

listening to "Runaway" by Avril Lavigne

Blogger is finally back up. This was supposed to be yesterday's post. I took pictures a little later than usual. Kind of like the lighting.

shirt from Tokyo Fashion Co., dark green dress from Forever21, skirt from Charlotte Russe, Leggings from Aritzia, Doc Marten boots.
Prom is tomorrow. I don't have the money for a dress. Yeah. Just going to hang around at home and do homework. I'm not even going to ditch on senior ditch day on monday. I'm such a boring kid.

Love, Kai


Anonymous said...

Aww Kai! The lighting is gorgeous! But I think t=you should go to prom - just wear the fanciest dress you have, accessorize and go! I'm sure you'll have fun!!!!

xoxo Monique

The new Fashion Stylist said...

I just love your blog!

Amber said...

I love these action shots. Your outfit is so pretty, the tights!!

kktomoyo said...

such a pretty pic~ and you deffinetly should go to prom. i bet you have outfits that are way prettier than the others, and it would probably be fun for you~!
for senior ditch day i went to school too XD my mom would kill me if i left the school like that^^;

- said...

the pictures are so cool and the lightning is really great =)

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