Tuesday, September 21, 2010

remind me not to wear white while painting.

I doesn't help that people were spattering their dark blue paints either. I had to wear my limited edition New People x Gloomy Bear shirt today because I was so excited to get it. Not considering any consequences. I'm not used to having art class, since I've never taken them at school in the past. Woops. I didn't actually get paint on my shirt, I don't think. But the constant fear is almost as bad.

shirt: New People . pants: Taiwan . jacket: thrift

I joke that my jacket thing is a jacket-blazer baby, because I couldn't tell if it was a blazer when I wore it. It was in the blazer section. If you've read my entries before, you might already know that I'm not a fan of pants. I make an exception for harem pants. I LOVE LOVE LOVE harem pants to death! More than skirts!-er well, maybe. I should have looked for some affordable floral print harem pants while I had the chance.

My hair is growing out, and I've been thinking every day, all the time, whether I should cut it again or grow it out. I love short hair, and I love long hair. I just don't like what's in between all that much. There's also the thing with hair stylists. I haven't found a perfect stylist for me, and worry every time I cut my hair. I always worry that I wont like it, and if I cut it too short, then I can't just go and get another hair cut and hope for the second one to be better. I often get two haircuts back to back at different salons.

I'm in the mood for some shopping.
I want to go back to San Francisco!

Love, Kai


Tiffany Liang said...

your pants
>>; You always manage to buy the clothes I want to get before I manage to get them looool, like your jeans. ><;;;;;

I want to get my hair nearly all of it (shoulder-length would be good?)...But then I'll probably miss my longish hair...

I know a hairdresser...I haven't been to them before...
But I've heard good things...

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is very street from your whimsical outfits - it looks good, though.

I never knew what harem pants were until I've read your blog. So, thanks? Yes, thanks. They look good.

Kaiami said...

Tiff: Do you like harem pants too? I'd been looking for them everywhere in America and couldn't find an affordable pair. And then I visit Taiwan and they're everywhere. The only downside is that there's no trying on, in most cases.

Rhofy: Thank you! Hahaha spreading the love~

Tiffany Liang said...

Mmhm! I love them, [I think I saw them a looong time ago and said I wanted them, but could never find them. >>; ] but don't have any yet. >>; I know what you mean about the no-trying in Taiwan, mostly because the shops are just so tiny, and their sizes are pretty standard so they probably feel that it's not necessary. ><;

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