Sunday, September 12, 2010

baby, I was born this way.

VMAs! I'm going to go to sleep late just because I spent too much time watching the VMAs and I couldn't tell that it ended when it ended, so I was watching whatever they were playing afterwards and thought that it was still going on. Augh.

Gaga made my day. You made me proud, Mama Monster. I was really hoping she wouldn't wear the meat dress though. I loved that she wore Mcqueen and Armani. And new album! Now I'm stoked.

I was having a bad hair day today. It was in a shape that I didn't really like when I woke up, and the thing with my hair is that once it's in a shape, it's hard to change it back until I shampoo it again.
sweater: thrifted
vintage mini polkadot shorts: thrifted

I was afraid I wouldn't be able to go thrifting today because my family and I were at Costco when we saw that we had a flat tire. It was the weirdest thing. We called AAA and they put on the backup tire for us. Our popped tire had a huge nail dug inside it. It's not easy to get a tire popped by a nail, because the nail has to be in a specific angle for it to dig in. So. I don't get it.

I remember there was this one spread in Marie Claire (I think it was, at least. It could have been Bazaar) about sweaters and shorts. So I kind of wanted a sweater to go with my shorts. I also bought a rose knit cardigan and some kind of maxi skirt that I'm going to try to make into a dress.

It's over an hour past my bed time. I'm sleepy. Good night!

Love, Kai


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