Tuesday, September 7, 2010

my batteries are out, but at least I got my pictures.

My bangs are slightly bothering me. I usually cut them myself once a week with my barber scissors, but I think I left those in Taiwan, so I haven't cut my bangs since my haircut in the beginning of August. They're touching my eyelashes now.

I had school off for Labor Day yesterday, so of course, I forgot about my homework until last night. Sucks. I went to sleep at 11pm, which is late for me (yes, I know). My normal bed time is 9pm. I've gotten so used to nine hours of sleep that I don't function well otherwise. My friend gave me a Brookstone "Bob" clock in pink as a present this summer, and it has the most incredible feature -snooze button. My old alarm clocks never had a snooze button, and continued ringing until I turn of the ridiculously-hard-to-find switch on the back. This one, I just have to wave my hand on top of it and it gives me four more minutes of rest. Magical.

Oh yes, back to my point. So I used to snooze button for the first time in my life today, and ended up oversleeping, leaving minimal time to slap on an outfit and wash my face. And eat breakfast and brush my teeth.

Jeans and top: target
Keds: thrifted
backpack: Taiwan

Actually, today's outfit is pretty boring. I just wanted to show off my favorite floral backpack. I bought it in Taiwan for approximately six bucks. There was a pink one and a white one, and I couldn't decide which one I wanted, so I bought them both. Oh wait yes! There's my Bob clock behind me, on the night stand. That little pink egg shaped object.

This is my favorite timepiece necklace that I wore today. I always have to wear some sort of necklace with an outfit. I don't feel complete without one. I saw one similar at Urban Outfitters for around $45, and had to pass because I couldn't afford it. So! I found this pocket watch keychain in Taiwan for about $3, and then a gold ball chain for about $3, and BAM, voila! There's my necklace. That makes it a grand total of $6. Six seems like a reoccurring number, now that I think about it. It's also my favorite number.

On a side note, I finally put a lock on my school locker. Now it's mine. All mine for the year! Locker assignments were pretty terribly done this year. I don't know if it's because of an influx of freshmen or what, but the school ran out of lockers this year. Seniors usually have priority with lockers, so we're usually assigned the large top lockers. This year, I know a few seniors that weren't given lockers. And others, like me, who were given little individual lockers.

You know those stereotypical lockers that are shown on television shows about kids at school? I'd love to have one of those lockers. You know, big enough to stuff a kid inside? Actually, the big lockers at school are about half the size of those, but still big enough to fit someone inside, if you don't close the door.

Here's my pipsqueak locker. Big enough to carry a few textbooks, at least.

I kind of wanted to post this too. It was my outfit for the first rally of the year. If it's hard to tell, our class color this time around was black. I had so many people tell me "I love your dress!" But it's not actually a dress. It's really a skirt, worn high up like a halter.

Black skirt: borrowed from friend
White skirt: Sears
Boots: Famous Footwear
Necklace: Angelic Pretty
t-shirt: Algonquins
Cardigan: thrifted
Headpiece and bow clip: Forever 21

I don't know how many people thought that what I was wearing was one piece. Even the lady at Nordstrom though it was. It's actually a black t-shirt and a white skirt, and then another skirt over it, and then a cardigan with a bow pinned on it. That was almost a mouthful.

Maybe it would be a good idea to start on homework now. Tomorrow is Wednesday. Class doesn't start for me until 1:35! I'll probably be using the time before then studying for the ACTs. Or blogging. I like that second option.

Side note, I got my first subscriber yesterday. Thank you for the support! It truly is exciting. I hope I'll get the hang of using Blogger soon.



Grace Lee said...

HAI BIANCA ^_______^
Your floral backpack is amazingly cute, as is everything else haha <3

Kaiami said...

Gracie! You have account but no blog? I'd love to add you if you make one. Thank you!

Grace Lee said...

I have a Tumblr, but it's really boring and not worth looking at >__<

tifflia said...

Oooh~ I have a bob too, but he's too little and quiet so I got this gold and white clock from Japan. It matches my stuff better anyway (my room is...WHITE)

I love your pants (like omg you're wearing pants ;) haha), I keep meaning to get the baggy cuffed/roll-up kind but my mom says I have too much clothes~~~ I'll totally get my jeans one day. :|

PS: Don't listen to grace, I love her tumblr. XD

Kaiami said...

Grace: Oh, don't be down on yourself. I'll check it out!!

Tiff: Oh hey there!
PSSST tell me if you're interested in selling. My little brother is jealous that I have one and he wants one too. So my mom drove up to Brookstones to find that they're a retired item. My room is green. Or maybe that's obvious and I should say that.

Haha! Did I tell you that I don't like pants? My jeans are uncomfortable in the way that they feel like they're going to fall, but they aren't. And a size smaller is a bit tight. Boyfriend jeans are nice though

Front Row Mode said...

Loving the look


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Nav said...

love the necklace! The last look is too cute!


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