Thursday, September 9, 2010

if only mulberry bags grew on mulberry trees.

I've been waiting for this. The pictures of the Mulberry bags for Target! Sure, I saw the ones on Gilt, but I was hoping for more. And there are more!

picture scanned from Marie Claire October 2010

If I could afford an Alexa, I would get one. Actually scratch that. Let me rephrase. If the Alexa bag were about 90% cheaper, I'd get one. That makes it about the price of my Juicy Couture bag. Oh gosh. But! Since Mulberry bags aren't the price of a Juicy bag, I've been looking forward to the sale of Mulberry bags for Target. In all honesty, I was hoping they'd look a little better than that. Just a bit. The materials of Converse bags at Target look nicer than that. But since they're not out yet and I haven't gotten my hands on one, I can't say for sure.

The pink leopard ones look sort of cheap. Betsey Johnson could do much better than that. She has some lovely pink leopard bags. The blue fabric ones (that's not real denim, is it?) look alright, but not my taste. I think I'll go with the black ones. Hopefully there wont be too many people charging in on the 10th. I was preparing myself for a stampede when Anna Sui for Target was out, but I was the only one there at 8:00am the day of release. I saw a couple pieces I liked, but it was still out of my price range (even at Target! Silly, I know). I'm definitely buying a Mulberry Target bag this time, though. It's a late birthday present to myself. I buy myself presents every year, because my mother tends to forget.

She was pushing me to go to my junior prom, which I refused to go to. She kept insisting that I needed to go because it's an American tradition for girls or something. But then I told her that sweet sixteens were pretty common too, and she forgot my birthday that year. So she gave me a sweet sixteenth birthday present earlier this year. It was a sweet little pink quilted handbag from Aldo.

Picnik wasn't working today, so I had to go around to the other computer to upload photos and use Photoshop instead. I'd like to get Photoshop on my own computer. It's such a hassle without it.
short dress: forever 21
long dress: Emily Temple Cute
cardigan: Banana Republic, thrifted

Sorry, this looks a bit blurry if you don't click on it. I'll try fixing it later, maybe. Today's outfit. I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I don't like pants very much. Oh and also, I'm wearing two separate dresses here. I like dresses a lot. I wouldn't be wearing two of them in the same outfit otherwise. Actually the real reason is that the long dress looks sort of awkward by itself. On me, at least. Maybe I'll wear it sometime because it's hard to explain.

I usually like to end with something about me going off to do homework, but I don't really have homework today. I pretty much finished it all at school. The sad thing is, I think I spend more time on my blog or looking at blogs than on my homework. That's the only downside of having my own computer.

Love, Kai


kimiko said...

i like your looks :)
and i think your blog too!

Marlena said...

That Emily Temple dress is super cute! *.*

And I hear ya on the last part!
I always end up blogging when I should be doing homework >.<

Chloë said...

i actually think those mulberry for target bags look really interesting! especially the pink and blue ones

Kaiami said...

@kimiko: Thank you!
@ Marlena: Thanks! I love Emikyu to death!
@Chloe: They do look interesting. But I hope I won't start liking them, or else I'll never be able to decide which bag I want

Orphin Lasz said...

I really, REALLY like your blog.
You're such a cutie!! ; w ; You're too pretty pretty and cute... so adorable!
I really like your style, it's so feminine and sweet with a slight sense of lolita. Really pretty!
\( Ó u Ò )/

~ Orphin's Domains ~

Kaiami said...

Orphin, thank you! Are you familiar with lolita fashion? I do have quite a few dresses, which I'll post once I wear them. Thank you for visiting~

Anonymous said...

I just have a few things to say ... in list form:

- Mulberry for Target!? Ahh, all these designer collabs with targets makes me want to move to the states!
- I hear ya on the "no pants" policy. But for me it's "no jeans" policy. I'm really partial to leggings so that's pants for me. Just no jean pants or jean shorts.
- On my days off I just sit in the computers for hours looking at blogs :[ Haha, I need to find a new hobby or something.

Your blog looks great, keep it up :]

Kaiami said...

Thank you~
I actually have this thing for harem pants. I like harem pants more than I like skirts. But I have a problem with pants in general, like they feel restricting or uncomfortable or one thing or another.

Anonymous said...

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