Saturday, September 11, 2010

when I'm feeling down, I pretend to be a candy pop princess

I wasn't in the best of moods today. I hadn't been able to blog yesterday because I was studying for the ACTs. I couldn't blog for a while today because I was busy taking the ACTs. I don't think I did all too well. I guess I'll see, but I'm already signing up for the November test. I have SATs next month too.

When I got back, I really just wanted to go thrifting. Or furniture shopping. But as soon as I get home, my dad falls asleep and my mom claims to be too busy to take me anywhere. I wish there'd be a thrift shop closer to home. Somewhere I could walk to when I felt like it. The closest Goodwill is about two and a half miles away, which isn't so bad, but takes a good hour or so to walk to. All the other stores are much farther than the mall.

To cheer myself up, I gave myself a two hour in home bath spa and dressed up. I wish I could dress up in new clothes, but I haven't gotten any in a while. Maybe if I'm lucky, I can go thrifting tomorrow.

dress: Metamorphose
shoes: Angelic Pretty
bag: Forever21, gift from Teena

This one is one of my favorite out of all my dresses, just because it has a built in petticoat so it's flouncy without me having to do anything. Does it bother you that my feet are pointing in? Because it bothers me. I need to learn to fix that.

Life is so stressful! I signed up to interview my brother for a project I'm working on for literature, but my brother isn't coming home this week and the project is due next week. And whenever I call him, he just says he's too busy or doesn't pick up.

Love, Kai


Tiffany Liang said...

I like the abrupt ending there. XD
I've kind of convinced myself to take some more tests next month, but I shouldn't be wasting money on tests just because I felt like taking it again. :/ Good luck to your scores though. :)

At least Saturday will be a good day? /positive ending

Kaiami said...

That's how I end my in class essays when I run out of time.

just kidding.
Haha funny you should say. I'm taking as many tests as possible till I get one that's good enough

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