Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I got these colors on the tip of my fingers.

Strange, it's cloudy today. It's usually sunny by this time of the day, but it's cloudy. I have trouble waking up when it's cloudy. That makes it difficult for me to find ideal lighting for my pictures.

I've been really into nail polish recently -or. Well. Not really
recently, but I've been wanting to buy colors that I haven't tried before, more than before.

On the top of my list is this one below.

courtesy of temptalia
First up is All Hail Mcqueen from Butter London. $14. I usually don't like to spend more than OPI-price on nail polish, but I think I can splurge just a bit on this one. Now I just need to find somewhere that sells it in stores. Nordstrom didn't have it when I visited next week. Or at least I didn't find it.
The reason I like this one might be obvious. It was the color that Lady Gaga wore on the cover of Vanity Fair's September issue. I'm such a Gagawhore. $16 on this one.

Right now, I'm wearing "Savvy" nail lacquer in French Cafe. It's a relatively cheap brand that can be bought at Sally Beauty, but I quite like it. I'm a sucker for nude colors. They make me feel safe. My parents hate nail polish, and get kind of angry when they see me using it. So I think I've become accustomed to buying nude polishes. The majority of polishes I have look like they're the same color. Which isn't a good thing. But. You know.

Two coats does the job, but I can still sort of see my nail. So three coats is ideal. Here's another fun fact. I love almond shaped nails. Squared nails are fine too, but not on me. I remember getting a lot of comments in my freshman year about squaring my nails, so I did. I didn't like it.

These are my favorite polishes from my color rack. From left to right. My absolute favorite bottle. Jill Stuart in Honey Peach. My sparkliest, Anna Sui 301. This one is scented when you wear it. My most expensive, Chanel in Inattendu. I'm completely regretting choosing this one over Particuliere. Taupe is fascinating. I chose this one because I thought it'd be "safer." Guh. I already have too many safe colors. Like the two bottles of Essie on the right. I love Essie, I really do. The pinkish one is Hi Maintenance, and the peachy one is Nude Attitude. They're also the cheapest from my favorites. Hi Maintenance was about $5 and Nude Attitude was around $4.

It might be a good idea to work on some homework now, or practice ACT. Gotta crack that book open at least once before the test.

Love, Kai


Mari said...

I love the color of the Anna Sui one, how much did that cost?

I also can't apply nail polish for the life of me :(

Kaiami said...

I think it was about $15. Anna Sui is kind of hard to find in American D: As opposed to Asian countries. It's all over in Japan.

Oh gosh, same here. It's always streaky and uneven. Unless it's Chanel.

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