Saturday, September 25, 2010

edward sparkles under the sun while I spotch under the sun.

I don't do well in warm temperatures and sunny weather. I get a bit lightheaded and nauseous. My skin starts breaking out and I get splotchy red rashes. Not fun.

Today is the citywide garagesale, so I woke up around 7 to go scrounge garage sales. I left the house around 8 and came back at 1 or 2. I didn't get a terribly exciting haul this year, but picked up some nice things.

Actually, the thing that got me most excited was when I was flipping through a box of old comic books. I think there were some DC comics, and some Dragon Ball. And then I flipped out when I saw that they had old issues of Pokemon Adventures, which was one of my favorites as a kid. I could never get my hands on them because they seemed to go out of print everywhere I went.
Here's everything I got today, minus this faux fur handbag my mom's friend gave me, and a little perfume bottle. I forgot about those. I got the frame for only a dollar, Pokemon comics for $0.10 an issue (score!), a glass globe and doily for $0.50 each, vintage kitten heels for $1, and a muumuu for $1.50.
This one's for my collection. I bought it from the lady who inspired me to start my collection. I bought a number of bottles from her at last year's garage sale, and as I was paying her, she said something in the lines of "now all you need is a nice tray and you can start a collection!" And I kind of laughed it off, like 'haha that's a good idea, but naah.' And I don't know for sure what happened after that. I think I tried looking up the value of the bottles I got on websites, and saw the most amazing vintage Avon bottles. And from there, my collection started.
Here's most of my collection. Vintage Avon come in these amazing shapes. I have one that's a mirror, the Capitol, owls, clocks, phones, carriages, all kinds of things. I love buying useless things, just because they're pretty. I buy teacups because of how pretty they are. I'm not too big on tea itself. I buy old books for their beauty. I don't dare to read them because I feel like they'll fall apart at any second. My Wordsworth book is from the 1800s. I wouldn't want the cover to fall off. Plus, poems aren't quite my thing.

Here's that globe I bought. It doesn't have any use, but I think it looks kind of cool, so I I bought it anyway. I don't have any room in my room because I keep buying small things like this.

I bought this dress from the old lady with the perfume bottle. I love flowy clothes. The thing that's bugging me is the fact that the bib part camouflages with the color of my skin. Hnnggg. It's really nice lace detail up close though. I don't get a chance to wear these shoes that often. Mostly because they're three inch, and I try not to wear anything high heeled to school. They were originally $40 at the store, and I thought that was a bit over my budget so I waited and waited until they were on sale for $30, and got 30% off, and then used a coupon, so technically I bought them for $10. Stackin' those deals together is my thing.

My hair is getting kind of high maintenance. Haircut? Hmmm.

My goal today was really to get a new bookshelf, but I didn't find one that I wanted. Sad. I really do have too many magazines. I don't throw out my old ones too often, and I keep subscribing and buying more.
I bought one yesterday too. I can't resist buying magazines every month, because if I don't, then I can't but that issue the next month and I start kicking myself if I don't have it. I got a blind box for Gloomy yesterday. It's a red one, which is alright. I want a Kumakikai one though. Maybe I'll buy another box the next time I'm at Kino.

Being in the heat today drained all my energy. I think I'll go brush my teeth and take a nap.

Love, Kai


emily said...

Your dress is so lovely! that's such a great find ;) good deal on the pokemon comics too, lol. i was obsessed with pokemon when i was a kid as well, still love it! <3

Anonymous said...

LOL at the title.

"Another person's junk is another person's treasure."

^this quote is the essence of thrifters like us along with garage hoppers and vintage junkies. You've had a lot of great finds. Plus, I wasn't aware there was pokemon comics :/ I guess that bit was taken out of my childhood. Gah.

Lecon de vetement said...

You are so cute!

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