Monday, September 27, 2010

getting a package in the mail is so exciting.

I love the feeling of getting my packages after all the waiting. I like being able to buy things right away in stores, but the feeling of receiving a package is much more exciting! It makes up for all the time I spend stressing about when it'll arrive.

I got two packages today! And a magazine, but I didn't realize until later on, so that's not in the picture. The mustache is for privacy. But it does make the package look spiffy.
The mustache one is an order from Play-Asia, for that new Hotel Dusk game. The first game was really interesting. I'm not particularly big on games, but I can't turn down a good visual novel game. And this one is a really good one.

The box is a skirt I bought from a girl in Germany.
Here's a picture of the skirt, courtesy of kkastic, until I take my own picture.
I didn't think it looked particularly short in the picture. Without all the netting, it really does feel short. As soon as I tried it on, I figured that I'd need to buy another skirt to wear underneath. A black petticoat might be nice.
Forgive my lack of outfit. I just wanted to try the skirt on. I'd like to buy some black boots to go with it. Actually, I'd just like some nice boots in general. Maybe a pair of lace ups like Docs, and a pair of distressed engineer boots. Boots!
I hecka like that netting. The skirt is made of a few layers, so there's a bit of a poof. I certainly do like my poofs.

Here's with another skirt underneath. Is that overkill? I don't know, maybe. I need to get another skirt to go underneath it, anyway.

Side note, I have an invisible bruise near my right knee. It bothers me because it's there but I can't see it, and I keep pressing on it accidentally. Ow.

Gosh, it's late. I'm going to sleep late today. Debating whether or not to start Hotel Dusk. Might not be a good idea, since I'll have a hard time putting it down once I start. I just know it.

Love, Kai


Marlena said...

That skirt is amaaazin'! I love all the different layers it has *.*

holleigh said...

Love that skirt! I'm very into black netting at the moment and thinking it's exactly what my wardrobe is missing.


lady sélénite said...

Well here is the answer to my question ! I love your blog !

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