Monday, September 13, 2010

if I told you what I wanted for my birthday, it wouldn't make a difference.

When my birthday is coming up, my mom would often times ask what I want. It's really a broad question, so I don't usually answer anything specific. If I did say something specific, the chances of getting it are probably zero.

photos from Neiman Marcus

Mcqueen silk scarf that I've wanted forever. No way am I getting this for my birthday if I asked for it. The one on the top is $475, the one on the bottom is $260. My little brother said he would buy it for me once he's a billionaire. My dad, on the other hand, wouldn't buy anything unnecessary no matter what. He buys pants for $20 when they're having a sale on an sale, and then an extra coupon -and then wears them for 15 years.

Actually, I'd just be happy if I get a happy birthday from everyone. My mom tends to forget often, and my dad isn't really a birthday person (except he takes us out for lunch, and the birthday person gets to choose where to go).

I'll buy myself that Butter London nail polish for myself for my birthday. I buy so many things for myself on my birthday. Haha I need a reason to spoil myself. There goes my money.

I'm having another bad hair day. I ran out of time while washing my hair today, and I feel like there was shampoo left in my hair. It feels terrible. I think I'll go take another shower.

Wait, let me go off on a tangent first. There was an Alexander Mcqueen store in an upscale department store in Taiwan with the most mindblowing prices. There was a pair of clogs that were labeled around $200, which doesn't make much sense, because I can't imagine Mcqueen shoes being $200 new, ever. I think the scarves were a bit cheaper, but around the same price as the shoes. So confused. I kind of wish I bought something. Maybe I'll bring something back next year. Ok, now off I go.

Love, Kai


Giraffison said...

Omgosh Kai! I love your writing style, so cute. (: I wish I had all the money in the world, then I could go on shopping sprees whenver I wanted to, but of course, it isn't meant to be. :(

Kaiami said...

Thank you!
Haha yes. Sometimes I wish I could buy whatever I want, but it wouldn't be meaningful that way.

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