Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I thought today was thursday.

I'm not the only one who does that, am I? My internal calendar seems to be set a day ahead. And then I realized that I still have two more days to go until the weekend. Ohohoh no. I need to work on my essay. I don't like formal writing. Proving my point, and all of that. I don't like the fact that I can't write the way that I talk. That I can't say "good" when I feel like saying "good."
scarf: thrift . tights: free! bag: thrift

I wanted to wear my yearbook shirt today because it's block schedule today, so I only had to go to 6th period, which is yearbook. And then I ended up wearing a scarf that covers up the shirt design. Woops.

I've been on a spending spree recently. I haven't actually spent all that much, but I'm in the zone in which I let myself buy as much as I want. I could see something online and automatically go I'm buying this! without thinking it too much through. Which isn't really a bad thing, once in a while. I'm real frugal when I'm in my frugal zone. It's like, if I have $100, I want to keep that hundred nice and even. Suppose I have a candy craving and spend $2 from that $100 I have. Since it's not nice and even anymore, I don't mind spending the rest of that $98 as much.

I seem to be misplacing a lot of things lately. I can't find my favorite bandanna. My teacher even asked "why aren't you wearing punk or rock or whatever anymore?" Because I can't find my bandanna. Or my measuring tape! I need my measuring tape to live. Or buy things online.

Oh measuring tape and bandanna, please come back soon!

Love, Kai


tifflia said...

you look taller [exclamation point]
My teacher thinks I'm good at writing, so I've been recruited to reading junior papers, and I'll have you know, they aren't that smart.

Even my teacher told us that "it seems like they got dumber [since last week], if that's possible" hahaha...

But arguing my point is fun, I don't sound as good in person, but I can convince people pretty easily. :> Good luck in your writing and bandanna/measuring tape finding endeavors [another exclamation mark]

PS: Your title is awkwardly worded, you mean "I thought that today was thursday"? XD I'm a littttttle bit of a grammer Nazi, so to speak. xD

Grace Lee said...
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Kaiami said...

Tiff: Hahaha woops! I think I meant to write "I thought it was thursday today" and ended up not doing it? I'll change it

Grace: You! ;__; I didn't see you this Summer. I never got to give you the pictures my mom took, did I?

tifflia said...

Grace; Yupp!! She looks really stressed out, taking care of 63 kids for 2 hours... Everyday...almost. I should show you their stuff sometime, you'll probably want to hit yourself. :(

Kai; (I don't wanna use your name, I think) xD Happens to me all the time, where I'll think one thing and write another. But sometimes I really do think that it's actually a day ahead of what it really is. I always get super disappointed...

UNLESS it's Friday afterschool and I think it's Saturday but then I realize Saturday hasn't happened yet and I get really happy...

Grace Lee said...

Ooopss was I not supposed to use your real name?? Sorry T__T Idk how to edit/delete comments on this thing though D:

Grace Lee said...

OHWAIT nevermind there's a little trash can... how cute :]

And... yeahhh I didn't get to see you over the summer ;T__T; What pictures??

Kaiami said...

hahah don't worry, Grace! I don't mind, really. I just prefer being Kaia.

My mom took a couple pictures that time you were over, and I think we made copies

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