Saturday, October 6, 2012

the day of happy birth.

My birthday was on Friday, and to celebrate I invited my roommates to...hang out in our rooms to eat cake and pizza and watch movies.
I turned 20 this year! Time sure does fly. I dyed my hair mauve on Thursday and painted my nails to match.
h&m dress, thrifted cardigan and skirt, shoes and belt from Taiwan
The party officially started a little after 6. Emily made this cute card for me. CC gave me a book by Jing Chang (kinda like a photobook), my favorite Taiwanese singer.
Teehee cute roommates.
I got oreo ice cream cake and mushroom pizza and lemon ice tea and peach punch. My friend Stephen made me vegan matcha almond cookies for my birthday! We watched Meet the Robinsons, a movie that I really liked and wanted to watch again especially because CC and EE hadn't watched it yet. Afterwards we watched Goofy Movie, mostly because Emily really wanted to watch it but also because it's a good movie and I didn't remember much of what happened in it. After the movie we did a little bit of Disney sing along.

What a good day.

Love, Kaia


Sad China said...

You're beautiful, girl (:

Happy birthday!


kate cait sith said...

Oooh, I like your pose/how your outfit looks in that first snap especially. You model your wonderful hair well! You look so beautiful! Happy birthday! Turning 20 is big news. :-)

Julie Doll said...

everything in this post is super cute :3

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