Wednesday, October 31, 2012

working backwards.

Happy Halloween! Today was the third day we had off from school due to hurricane days. The hurricane is over, but the reason we didn't have class today or yesterday was because of the damage of the storm. For the most part, the subway isn't running and getting from Brooklyn to Manhattan and vice versa isn't easy. My dorm was fortunate enough to not have our power go out and our school faced minimal damage. We got pretty lucky.
For Halloween, I went door to door for 15 floors with my roomies, knocking on everyone's door and handing out candy. Reverse trick or treating.
CC dressed as a woodlands girl. I dressed as a deer, and Ems is a character from Paradise Kiss. The original plan was for me to go as a butler. I tried out my hair and makeup yesterday, but getting my hair right takes a lot of time and effort so I didn't go through with it today.
On another note, this is the most silver my hair has been! It was an accident, actually. I first tried getting it silver in April, without too much success. I did another attempt last month, which turned out alright, but there was as much blond as there was silver. When I dyed my hair pink for my birthday, it faded within a week, but faded nicely into an even, ash blond. Because my roots were growing out I decided to re bleach them and then dye my hair brown with the ash dye that I had.

After I dyed it and washed it out, I was more than surprised to see that what I got wasn't brown, but after-toner, AKA a mix of yellow, violet, and silver. It was pretty astonishing. It looked like a bad mistake, and I went out that same day to buy a box of Clariol Natural Instincts hair dye in brown. I didn't want to dye my hair twice in a day so I decided to wait it out for a week. In the past week or so, the violets have faded and now I have the most even silver I've ever had. Probably the most successful mistake I've ever made. I'm someone who has always been terrified of having hair in a color too light.

Sometimes I surprise myself at how light my hair is. I think once the yellow starts taking over, I'm going to Kool-aid my hair and dye it brown once that starts to fade. Hair is fun.

It's November here already!! Happy November!!

Love, Kaia


prancing bee said...

I love your butler look! Your hair color is even more awesome now!

Kaiami said...

Thank you!

grace (lee!) said...

Can I just say... your hair looks BEYOND AMAZING and you and your roomies are the most adorable things I have ever seen. I'm so glad your school is doing relatively okay! I heard from someone that some parts of NY still don't have their power back yet :(

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