Tuesday, October 2, 2012

soul sisters.

Today my cutie roommate Nana(I call her CC) and I both wore greyscale outfits. She recently started up a style blog too. Check it!
I live in a triple with CC and Emily-Minnie (I call her EE or Emri), two of my best friends at school. I'm a fortunate one! Living with friends is like having a sleepover every night but instead of playing games and doing makeovers and gossiping about boys, we do homework.

It's kind of a funny story how we met. Emri and I are the same major so I met her in my sewing class. I instantly had that I'd-like-to-be-friends-with-her-vibe when we met. CC and I met in literature class. When we met I thought right away that we could probably get along really well. She seemed to know a lot more people in the class than I did so it was hard for me to start up conversation, so I kept quiet. Last year during clubs day, I ran into Emri and CC together. It turns out the two of them were already friends! It was a while until the three of us became friends.

We were all friends online after meeting, with mutual interest in becoming real friends, but as we are all equally awkward, becoming friends is harder than it sounds. Once CC an Emri were having an online conversation when the lines "I'm just chillin', feeling like a villain" came up. I wasn't initially a part of that conversation, but instinctively I replied to their conversation with a "Keep your head dowwwnnnnn," referencing the DBSK song the lyrics were from. We hit it off after that.

Sometimes I think it's interesting the things we have in common. We all like cats. We all like to name inanimate objects. CC's laptop's name in Mochi. EE's is Breadsticks. Mine old one's name is Aerylus and my new one is Carmellow. We all like to listen to Asian music. None of us eat meat (they're both vegetarian. I'm not but I still don't eat meat). Our favorite ice cream flavors are all mint chocolate chip. We all wear the same converse shoe size. Which is weird considering none of us have the same size feet. CC has the smallest feet while I have the biggest feet.

Hopefully I'll be able to include more posts with the three of us on this blog and write about some of the adventures we have together!

Before I end this post I want to show off a brooch I made yesterday! I recently bought a big pack of shrinky dink film. It's so much fun! The only other time I've ever used shrinky dink was at summer school in 4th grade, and that was only once. My hair has been really yellowing out lately. I'm dying it on Thursday right before my birthday. Excited!

Love, Kaia


DuskCloud said...

Sweet story!

adireg said...

so lovely

Evan said...

You guys look great! You're so lucky that you've gotten to be roomies with your friends.
I've totally forgotten about Shrinky dinks! Your dinosaur is adorable! I'll have to pick some up soon.
Love, Evan

Misery said...

You look stylish :-D And I totally adore your white cardigan, it is fantastic!

Sara said...

So these docs do break in (I read your blog whenever you just got them). I have the same pair and the instep of my foot is STILL killing me, but I refuse to give them away :( so sad.

Kaiami said...

@Sara: I know what you're talking about! My right shoe doesn't have a problem, but my left shoe still feels like the instep wont completely break in

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