Monday, April 30, 2012

black and orange are halloween colors.

Quick outfit post from last wednesday. Trying to find time to edit those fashion show pictures. Last weekend was busy. This week is busy because it's finals week. This weekend will be busy. And then more finals on monday. Busy week. Hanging in there.
zebra t shirt from supermarket in Taiwan, black flowy sleeveless shirt from street stall in Taiwan, skirt from J Daheck Taiwan, tights from socks and underwear store in Taiwan, Jeffrey Campbell 99 ties from David Z
Neck to toe black. Again. On wednesday I had an in class project final for textiles. Our objective was to create a garment or accessory in the duration of 2 hours using at least one biodegradable material, one non biodegradable material, and one recyclable.
I made a dress. The second part of my textiles final is the knitting project but I finished that weeks ago so I'm not worried. I am worried about a lot of other finals, particularly my patternmaking final. So! Nervous! I don't know if I have enough fabric!! I bought three yards, I think. I don't think that's enough for my dress. I went back to buy more but the store was out of my color. Oh god improv time. Love, Kaia


ellesig93 said...

I just love how you layer your clothing!

Vivian意喬 said...

I've been following your entries for a while, and I think your pieces are amazing! I'll be taking some apparel design classes this upcoming semester in college. You inspire me to work hard. Please continue to give it your all!


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